Endowed Professorship, Ari Kuncoro’s Innovation for UI


Endowed professorships, Ari Kuncoro’s Innovation for UI


Melva Costanty – Humas FEB UI

DEPOK – Ari Kuncoro’s interest in the world of higher education makes him run for the Chancellor. Last December 4, Prof. Ari Kuncoro was appointed as Chancellor of the University of Indonesia 2019-2024.

Ari Kuncoro said that becoming the chancellor was an ongoing responsibility. “Previously, I was dean and I tried to practice what I know, especially also higher education. Incidentally, I have experience abroad, quite a long time. I also researched the topic in the country. I think that in terms of management is pretty good if I can transmit this is to a higher level because took part in the election of the chancellor. And I see that education in Indonesia must go forward. The countries that are now victorious are supported by good tertiary education.”

To achieve good tertiary education, Ari Kuncoro is aware of major changes in the superior criteria of a tertiary institution. “So, there was evolution, which had emphasized publication, finally they realized. The most important thing from higher education is to educate the life of the nation. So it is not only as an ivory tower that is published in scientific journals. (However) that knowledge must be practiced.”

Another change occurred in the college ranking system. “From the ranking system. The publication was only 20% (the highest reputation?) The highest is the reputation. And reputation is derived from how we are known by the public, the world community, other universities, and industry, “Ari added.

One of Ari Kuncoro’s innovations in university management is in collaboration with the private sector. Form of cooperation in the form of an endowed professorship program, where the company provides CSR funds to provide salary and research costs. “It needs to be considered, that there is always reciprocity so the funds are corporate CSR. But because he is CSR, he needs branding, ‘Oh he already needs something to UI.’ Now, giving UI is the best in what form? The building then has the name of the company or seminar events or gives the name Endowed professorship, so the professor is paid by the company.

This program is considered to be beneficial to both parties. “So the private sector contributes. There is a 200-300% tax deduction that might be good also related to research and development. It is associated with Endowed Professorship, so there are moral and academic contracts, with this fund the professor is carrying out work, research. This research can use in the community because it’s CSR. Companies that provide also get an abundance (profit). “

The response from the private sector was considered good for this innovative idea. This program can be an alternative to corporate CSR programs which usually only provide funding for infrastructure development, “Endowed professorship is like giving charity to the community in the form of educating the nation’s life. In terms of CSR that favors the donor, perhaps this is the right one.” (Des)

Photo by: Humas FEB UI