MBS Intro

In today’s global business environment that is defined by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA), professionals face many unpredictable new challenges in the midst of a pandemic throughout the world. MBS is the cloud-based platform that provides macro and micro economy environment in business management simulation with comprehensive financial reports of which tangible results is delivered in quarterly basis and aligned with the business school learning objective. It is an academic learning platform being used in 138 Taiwan Universities, 136 China Universities and some other universities where located in Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, etc.

MBS is dedicated to promote academic and professional excellence in all of its endeavors and develop students’ potentials to be able to mold them into a business management, contributing proficiently to community service. You are provided with a practical learning experience to run and manage a virtual business in a dynamic and challenging environment and be responsible for the overall performance of the business including sales, marketing, product development, manufacturing and finance. You act as a management to make day-to-day strategic decisions.

The overall objectives of your business management within the simulation scenario is to achieve the highest score throughout rounds of Macro Business Simulation on a balance scorecard. The balanced scorecard is designed to provide a summary of the overall business performance for a given period as well as measuring the current profitability of the business. The major elements to evaluate each company performance is the net present value (NPV) for a certain period of accumulated dividends and net income. Other elements such as profit margin, owner equity, market share, expense ratio, current ratio, debt ratio, ROA or ROE, etc. will be announced before the competition.

Capability / Competency

Business ModelIndsury AnalysisEstablish strategic directions
Numeric reportFinancial analysis
Graphical AnalysisPerformance analysisOperation decision capability
Situation AppraisalMarket analysisManagement by objectives
Roll PlayingTeam communicationPerformance management
Departmental PerformanceCross-function integrationExecution on strategies
Operation ObjectivesManagement by objectivesDelegation and accountability
Resources allocationExecution capabilitySubstantial team building


Introduction / GroupingBusiness strategy and goal setting
Grouping and naming the company
Teamwork and responsibility
Introduction / GroupingMacro environment statistics setting
Industry environment setting
Decision variables description
1st Round Business DecisionsMission Focus: Positioning, Strategy deployment and resource planning
Alternatives on corporate busines strategy determination
Goal (SIREN) setting
Objectives deployment and resource allocation
Penetration wars on various markets
1st Round PerformanceReview on market positioning
Variance analysis on budgeting and implementation
Objectives correction
Finalizing corporate business direction
2nd Round Business DecisionsMission Focus: establish successful market niche and performance improvement
SWOT analysis
Targeting and predicting benchmark responses
Determination of attacking strategies and deployment of detail operations
Forecast of operation performance, financial justification and growth target
2nd Round PerformanceOverall Analysis
Business operation performance analysis
Departmental performance benchmark
Competition analysis
3rd Round Business DecisionsCounter strategy upon significant change occured on market
Withdrawal of key competitor
Evaluation of existing strategies
3rd Round PerformanceCorrelation analysis of selected strategy and resulting performance
Establishment of strategy and related KPIs
Calculation operation performance based upon NPV calculation
Board Meeting SummaryTeam report at shareholders meeting
Performance analysis
Market and competition analysis
Comments and vision sharing


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