Farewell for International Exchange Student

Farewell for International Exchange Student

Nurlaily Setyasari – International Office FEB UI

Depok— On Friday (12/12) International Office FEB celebrates the end of international exchange students’ time in Indonesia. The event held in Djokosoetono Room in 3rd Floor of the Dean’s Building from 3.30 – 5.30 PM. With international Student Ambassador as the master of ceremony, the purpose of the farewell was to say goodbye to the international students and also to give a brief explanation of what’s next from FEB UI after their departure, such as how to get an academic transcript.

The first agenda from this event was filling out a Feedback Form from International Office FEB UI about their performance. Next, is a video showing made by the International Student Ambassadors: Oh Hyesung from Chonbuk National University, South Korea and Jadene Woei Yip from The University of Sydney,  Australia. The video was very creative; With Vlog format, it tells the story of ‘A Day in the Life of FEB UI Exchange Student’ starring Chen Weng Yann from Universiti Utara Malaysia.  The video shows the daily activity of exchange students in UI, from waking up, going to class, studying, and hanging out with friends.

After the video showing was time for Muthia Pramesti, S.E., M.M. to gave her speech and also a brief explanation. Mrs Mtuhia explained what’s next after the exchange period. She wished and thanks to the students for coming to UI, and also gave a heartfelt farewell as the Head of FEB UI International Office. The next agenda was another video shows, made by another International Student Ambassador, Shamsul Amir from Universiti Utara Malaysia. The amazing video shows many testimonials from international students about their time in Indonesia. After that, Mrs Muthia gave an appreciation for all the International Student Ambassador; Hyesung, Jadene and Amir, who worked hard this semester. The International Office FEB UI also handing out souvenirs to all international students who had come. The agenda was closed by a group photo. Lastly, there was a refreshment and the student was socializing.

We very much thanks to every student who had come to the event. Hopefully, they got an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience during their study period in FEB UI, one that they won’t easily forget. (IOFEB/NS)