Klaster Riset

Bisnis dan Ekonomi Digital

(Digital Business and Economics)

Ketua Klaster

Zaäfri A. Husodo, Ph.D.

Deskripsi Klaster

Digital Business and Economy is established to nurture fertile ground for research collaboration in the main fields in management: finance, marketing, operations, and human capital, with fields in digital studies in general.

We attempt to advance the fields with main goals to keep shedding more lights on the intersections of digital studies with management studies. Our focus is to conduct multi-faceted research in emerging markets to reveal and to structure data for sustaining the studies.

Our coverage of activities includes developing measures related to management studies with digital approach, developing integration of digitalization in management field and conduct ingrigorous research to assess and to further develop our data, measures, and studies.

Kegiatan Klaster/Cluster Activities, yang telah dilaksanakan tahun 2021 dan rencana tahun 2022

  • During 2021, we conducted workshop on text analytics to raise the awareness of the cluster’s member on the latest development in the one aspect analytics techniques. The workshop was once a week with gradual material deliveries from basic to intermediate level. R is our main choice for the workshop for its flexibility and its availability.
  • We managed to secure three internal research grant and one external research grant during 2021. Our team work tediously to ensure each expected output from the grants are met. The internal research grants cover the topic of Digital Education for Youth in Indonesia, Robo-advisory Industry in Indonesia, and e-CSR Index Development. In the first topic we utilized primary data compiled from the participants on the entrepreneurship workshop and found that digital workshop has great potential to anticipate the elongating circumstances during pandemic of COVID-19. The Robo-advisory industry is a work in progress employing text mining techniques to extract information from a community discussion forum. The third study has main purpose to develop new measure on the CSR with high frequency data. The external grant was secured from Bank Indonesia focusing on developing sharia reference rate using large dataset at firm level from Indonesia and the US.
  • In 2022, we plan to continue our research in the Robo-advisory with survey to the retail investors. We also laid out the further development on our e-CSR measure to confirm if ours are consistent across countries and firms.
  • Workshop and sharing session on methods and research in progress is also scheduled to improve potential collaboration among members.

Output publikasi klaster (Jurnal terindeks Scopus) published di 2021

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