Klaster Riset

Governance, Risk Management and Sustainability

Ketua Klaster

Desi Adhariani, Ph.D.

Deskripsi Klaster

Governance, Risk Management and Sustainability (GRMS) research cluster is a collaborative research group which works on issues relating to the role of governance and risk management in managing the impact of business and organizations on society. Good governance can foster sustainability, creates sustainable values, and helps companies achieve these values. Companies can also enjoy the long-term benefits, including reducing risks, attracting new investors and shareholders, and increasing the firm value. In investigating these issues, the research cluster adopts multi-disciplinary approach and hence is open for collaboration from other disciplines to complement the accounting perspectives as the main point of view. 

Kegiatan Klaster/Cluster Activities, yang telah dilaksanakan tahun 2021 dan rencana tahun 2022

2021 : no specific cluster activities held as the member focused on data collection of their research. We joined the sharing sessions, webinars and trainings provided by the Department of Accounting where the head and member of research cluster participated as speakers.

In 2022,  GRMS cluster plans to hold sharing sessions with collaborative research partners to disseminate the research results of some members.

Output publikasi klaster (Jurnal terindeks Scopus) published di 2021

  • Sciulli, N. and Adhariani, D. (2021). An exploration of the motivating factors for the preparation of an integrated report in contextual settings. Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management, 18(4/5), 545-577. https://doi.org/10.1108/QRAM-08-2020-0128.
  • Adhariani, D. (2021). The Shape of Water: Analysis of Corporate Water Disclosure in Indonesia. Australasian Accounting, Business and Finance Journal, 15(4), 121-134.
  • Hermawan, A. A., Bachtiar, E., Wicaksono, P. T., & Sari, N. P. (2021). Levers of control and managerial performance: The importance of belief systems. Gadjah Mada International Journal of Business, 23(3), 237-261.
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  • Widyawati, L. (2021). Measurement concerns and agreement of environmental social governance ratings. Accounting & Finance, 61, 1589-1623.