“Life on land is a precious resource – we need to ensure that it is passed on to future generations, at a time when loss of biodiversity is an increasing concern. Different universities will have responsibility for very different landscapes and the life within, but all have a responsibility as stewards of their environment.”

THE Impact Rankings Methodology 2023, p. 140

Supporting land ecosystems through education

Events about sustainable use of land

Sustainably farmed food on campus

Maintain and extend current ecosystems' biodiversity

Education programmes on ecosystems

Sustainable mgt of land for agriculture and tourism

Supporting land ecosystems through action

Sustainable use, conservation and restoration of land

Monitoring IUCN and other conservation species

Local biodiversity included in planning and development

Alien species impact reduction

Collaboration for shared land ecosystems

Land-sensitive waste disposal

Water discharge guidelines and standards

Policy re: plastic waste reduction

FEB UI has a policy of reducing plastic waste on campus based on the rector’s decree number 1308 / SK / R / UI / 2011 related to reducing plastic waste and the policy on the use of single-use goods

Kebijakan mengurangi kertas dan plastik (ID)

Policy re: hazardous waste disposal

FEB UI has a waste disposal policy, process or practice that includes hazardous materials based on the Rector’s Decree number 1305 / SK / R / UI / 2011 concerning waste management and waste containing hazardous and toxic materials.

Kebijakan pengolahan sampah dan limbah berbahaya (ID)