ā€œPeace and Justice go hand in hand ā€“ and indeed are vital for equity between people andĀ  countries. Supporting this we need our institutions to be strongĀ enough to maintain a focus on deliveringĀ the SDGs. This can range from individual justice ā€“ eradicating modernĀ slavery and people trafficking ā€“ to ensuring that our countries have theĀ evidence base needed to react appropriately to crises.ā€

THE Impact Rankings Methodology 2023, p. 147

University governance measures

Elected representation

At FEB UI, no student representative or employee becomes an elected representative on the highest governing bodies of the university from: students (both undergraduate and postgraduate), faculty, and staff (non-faculty employees).

Students' union

FEB UI regarding independent student unions, written in the list of

Identify and engage with local stakeholders

Participatory bodies for stakeholder engagement

University principles on corruption and bribery

FEB UI publishes the university’s principles and commitments on organized crime, corruption & bribery through the Integrity Zone agenda. In achieving the integrity zone title, there are six areas that are the focus of the assessment.

The six areas are change management, governance arrangements, management arrangement of human resource (HR), strengthening supervision, strengthening performance accountability, and improving the quality of public services. The agenda published on also and delivered with rector’s decree

Peraturan Rektor 28 2018 Tentang Sistem Pelaporan Dugaan Pelanggaran (ID)

Academic freedom policy

FEB UI has policies to support academic freedom (freedom to choose the field of research and to speak and teach openly about their field of research). Academic freedom is the core of the Academy. FEB has academic freedom that includes teaching and research, and that applies equally to junior and senior academics who have been written in the Dean’s Decree Number: SK-703 / UN2. F6. D/HKP.02.04/2020

Academic freedom policy (ID)

Publish financial data

FEB UI has published financial data and is arranged into one with the university level

Publish Financial Data (ID)

Working with government

Provide expert advice to government

FEB UI provides special expert advice to local, regional or national governments. For example, through policy guidance, participation in committees, provision of evidence. one of the concrete evidences is that FEB has issued a policy brief.

Participation in government research.pdf (ID)

FEB 16.3.1 2021 Participation in government research (ID)

Policy- and law-makers outreach and education

Participation in government research

Neutral platform to discuss issues


Number of graduates in most recent year

Number of graduates from Law

Percentage of graduates from Law