“A high-quality education should be an area where universities excel. Education is a key gateway out of inequalities, especially multigenerational ones.  In addition to improving quality of life, access to inclusive education can help equip locals with The tools required to develop innovative solutions to the world’s greatest problems. SDG 4 Explores early years and lifelong learning.”

THE Impact Rankings Methodology 2023, p. 46

Lifelong learning measures

Public resources (lifelong learning)

FEB UI provides free access to various educational resources access to educational resources for those not studying at the university (FEB UI),  for example libraries and online courses like webinar. One of activities about this agenda is  “Sekolah Non-Formal” FEB UI as a nonprofit organization, contributing towards children’s education (

Video Profile SNF FEB UI 2020-2021

Review Matematika – Materi PJJ Semester 2 SNF FEB UI 2021/2022

NARASI: Maximizing The Potential of Our Generation

Public events (lifelong learning)

FEB UI routinely organizes events at the university level open to the general public, events held include public lectures and community education events. During 2020-2021, FEB UI held 29 events.  The list of events can be accessed on

Public Events 2019 2020 (ID)
18th Economix Global Challenges International Seminar (ID)
18th Economix Global Economic Challenges International Dialogue Saving Our Planet Adoption of Paris Agreement (ID)
22th IAF International Seminar Building Resilience Leveraginig Enterprise Risk Management in Unforseen Circumstances(ID)
Accounting henanigans Peran dan Tanggung Jawab Manajemen Komisaris Auditor dan Regulator (ID)
Accounting Talks Workshop The Use of Accounting Information Literacy on Maximizing Investement Climate Potential in Indonesia (ID)
Accounting Talks and Workshop Internet of Things and Its Relevances in Accounting Workflow (ID)
Antara Kopi dan Investasi (ID)
Langkah Awal Reformasi Energi (ID)
Courageous Women Mulitidimensional Poverty and Gender Towards a Strong and Equitable Recovery from Covid 19 (ID)
Economic Resilience Post Pandeic Covid 19 How Will Tax Contribute (ID)
Economic Talks (ID)
Exploring the Frontiersof Economics (ID)
General Lecture Data Analytics in Accounting (ID)
General Lecture Sustainability in practice How to integrate sustainibility into your business (ID)
Grand Launching Majalah Economica 62 The Transformation of Education as Pseudo Solution for Indonesian Education (ID)
Grand Opening the 19th Sharia Economics Days (ID)
How to Start and Protect Your Investment in The Capital Market(ID)
ICMSS Investment Course in Collaboration with Trimega Sekuritas (ID)
IEO 21 Seminar Post Pandemic Recovery A Resurgence of Indonesia s Economy (ID)
Indonesia Sharia Economic Outlook 2021 Webinar and Book Launching (ID)
Initiating a Thriving Digital Start Up Amidst Cyber Risk (ID)
Investasi Apa Sih Yang Cocok untu Usia 20 an (ID)
Islamic Virtual Talk Unlocking Opportunities of Indonesian Halal Tourism (ID)
Kuliah Umum Advancing Commodities Future Trading in Indonesia (ID)
Kuliah Umum Kebijakan Keuangan dan Pengawasannya dalam Mengatasi Pandemi Covid 19 (ID)
Kuliah Umum Refleksi Perjalanan Sang Guru Akademisi Birokrasi dan Kebijakan Publik Indonesia (ID)
Kuliah Umum Dampak UU Persaingan Usaha Terhadap Persaingan dan Strategi Perusahaan (ID)
Literasi Keuangan Goes to Campus Merencanakan Financial Freedom untuk Milenial (ID)
Marketing Talk. Indbound Marketing ways to Elevate your Business Profitability (ID)
Mengintip Jendela Omnibus Law dari Sisi Pajak Hukum dan Akuntansi (ID)
Muslimpreneurs in Crisis (ID)
Peluncuran Buku Islam dan Kesehatan Masyarakat Studi Kasus Konsumsi Rokok di Indonesia (ID)
Reksadana (ID)
Sarasehan Untuk Negeri Civil Expression Aligning Our Paradigm About Freedom of Speech (ID)
Seminar An Endless Dilemma The Stance of Auditors Integrity and Independency (ID)
Sesi 1. Covid 19 dan Percepatan Pemulihan Ekonomi 2021 Harapan Tantangan dan Strategi Kebijakan
Sesi 2. Covid 19 dan Percepatan Pemulihan Ekonomi 2021 Harapan Tantangan dan Strategi Kebijakan(ID)
Sharia Talk 1 the 19th Sharia Economics Days (ID)
Southeast Asia Economy Riding the New Normal What Research Show (ID)
Studentpreneurs Talk 1. Leadership In Innovation Breaking Down Barriers to Establish Creative Environment (ID)
Talkshow Ilmiah CEO StartUp Usaha yang Bertahan di Masa Pandemi Covid 19 (ID)
Tax Intercollegiate Forum 2021 The Future of Taxation Policy in Pandemic Recovery Era (ID)
Tax Research Sharing Session (ID)
Tax Research Sharing Session.pdf (ID)
The 10th UI Studentpreneurs National Webinar (ID)
The Creative Era Expansion of The Fashion Industry (ID)
The Monitoring Role of the Supervisory Board in Mitigating Fraud (ID)
The Rise of Cuantroopers (ID)
University Lecture 1 Pentingya Peran Wirausaha Muda Indonesia dalam Mendorong Pemulihan Ekonomi (ID)
University Lecture 2 Road to IDF 2021 Strategi Industrialisasi untuk Mendorong Transformasi Ekonomi (ID)
Webinar Nasional conomic Crisis Momentum for-the-Rise-of-Islamic-Economic (ID)
Webinar Nasional Menyongsong Indonesia Emas 2045 Peningkatan Kualitas SDM dan Pembangunan Kesehatan Berkelanjutan (ID)
Webinar Pusat Studi APIK Penerapan Government Finance Statistics untuk Mendukung Pengelolaan Keuangan Negara yang Transparan dan Akuntabel (ID)
Women in Tax Peran Perempuan dalam Perpajakan Indonesia(ID)

Vocational training events (lifelong learning)

Education outreach activities beyond campus

FEB UI is very concerned about education reflected in the implementation of education for elementary school students from underprivileged families organized by student organizations ( ) or ( One of SNF’s activities is to come directly to schools that partner with SNF and teach on pre-agreed schedules. SNF Goes to School (

Aktivitas Pelayanan Pendidikan di luar kampus (ID)

Pekan Edukasi Anak tahun 2022 (ID)

Lifelong learning access policy

FEB UI has policies that ensure that access to these activities is accessible to everyone, regardless of ethnicity, religion, disability immigration status or gender. This is as stated by the Dean of FEB UI, Mr. Teguh Dartanto in his speech.

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