FEB UI International Students Welcoming Session

FEB UI International Students Welcoming Session



Melva Costanty ~ Humas FEB UI 

Naurah Dhia – International Office FEB UI
Rifqi Kartiko Fathianto – International Office FEB UI

On Thursday, August 22, 2019 FEB held Welcoming Session for the international students in Djokosoetono Room, Dekanat Building FEB UI Depok. The session was opened by Head of International Office FEB UI, Mrs. Muthia Pramesti, M.M., CFP who was explaining about how is the campus life, how to adapt in new environment, how to interact to the local students and how to respect the diversity in Indonesia.












The session continued by the academic explanation by Mrs. Wardatul Adawiyah, MBA as Manager of Education who was explaining about academic guidance, rules as well as ethics principals at FEB UI.






The following session, international students were having campus tour around FEB UI, and highlighting several infrastructures, such as Library, classrooms, Student Centre, and other areas. Mrs. Endang Wahyulestari, S.S.,M.Hum, as the Head of Resource Learning Centre (Pusat Studi Belajar) FEB UI,  explained about the library registration, services and facilities.

Another session after lunch, the session continued by course registration which guided them to select the courses and fill in the learning agreement. One of the interesting parts of this event was when the Student Ambassadors teach some daily vocabularies in Bahasa Indonesia. Then, they arranged online Kahoot quiz about FEB UI and student’s life. They also introduced several activities under FEB UI student bodies and voluntary activities.

The international students came from various countries all around the world, such as: Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, United Kingdom, Morocco, Sweden, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Ethiopia, China, Philippines, and Sudan. Thank you for being part of FEB UI, we hope for the best to all international students. We wish they experience a wonderful journey at FEB UI.