University of Melbourne is Engaging with Indonesia!

University of Melbourne is Engaging with Indonesia!
Rifqi Kartiko Fathianto –¬†International¬†Office FEB UI
Hello FEB!

The University of Melbourne, Australia, organized “Engaging with Indonesia 2020-2024” forum on Thursday (22/8) at The Westin Hotel Jakarta. The University of Melbourne have been represented by Prof Paul Kofman (Dean of Faculty of Business and Economics) and Graeme Steven, MBA, (Director of Development, Asia). FEB UI had Vita Silvira, MBA, CA (Vice Dean of FEB UI), Prof Dr Irwan Adi Ekaputra (Head of Graduate Program of¬† Management¬†/PPIM FEB UI), and Muthia Pramesti, MM, CFP (Head of¬†International¬†Office FEB UI).

Australian Government sees Indonesia as an important partner in their bilateral relationship. In March 2019, Indonesian-Australian Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA) was signed to extend the collaboration between Australia and Indonesia. The University of Melbourne strives to lead the expansion of educational and academic cooperation with Indonesia, in which partnering with leading universities in Indonesia is a good way to create impact for the community.

“Engaging with Indonesia 2020-2024” forum aims to lay the foundations of a long-term resilient partnership in collaborative research and teaching. The partnership aspirations are to: 1) produce high-quality research with an impact on the most difficult problems facing Indonesia and the world; 2) contribute to developing a world-class higher education system in Indonesia through capacity building and exchange; 3) become a pre-eminent source of Indonesia expertise; and 4) produce graduates who understand Indonesia and Australia to promote mutual understanding. Regarding these aspirations, University of Melbourne has made short term target in 5 years to increase the number of University of Melbourne undergraduate¬†students¬†studying Indonesia or undertaking mobility experiences in Indonesia, as well for Indonesian¬†students¬†who choose the University of Melbourne for study and research. They aim to increase in joint research projects and publication with Indonesian universities and both countries government in multi and inter-disciplinary sectors. University of Melbourne also hoping to expand the reach of Indonesia-focused public engagement channels, with more Indonesian voices.

FEB UI has a long history in terms of partnership with University of Melbourne. As the leading economics and business school in Indonesia, FEB UI has ranging collaboration programs with University of Melbourne, such as exchange programs, joint degree, joint research, and visiting fellow. “Engaging with Indonesia 2020-2024” forum is intended as well to strengthen the relationship between FEB UI and University of Melbourne, particularly with the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) University of Melbourne. In this forum too, FEB UI and University of Melbourne has finalized the agreement of the joint bachelor degree program. FEB UI will also work to deliver on their shared commitment to conducting joint researches in sustainable growth and policy design and governance. ¬†(iofeb/RKF)