ā€œEnsuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages is essentialĀ to sustainable development. There is an urgent need to fully eradicateĀ a wide range of diseases and address many different persistent andĀ emerging health issues.ā€

THE Impact Rankings Methodology 2023, p. 40

Collaborations and health services

Current collaborations with health institutions

FEB UI is currently collaborating with local, national, or global health institutions to improve health and wellbeing outcomes. This was reflected by participating in organizing donation activities from “ILUNI FEB UI” to the Cileungsi Hijau Hospital, UI Hospital, and Wisma Athlete Hospital (IG: To assist in the implementation of the “ILUNI FEB UI” vaccination (IG:, by holding a vaccination for UI students at the UI Satellite Clinic Makara, Depok, which was held on 21-30 July 2021, in line with efforts to immediately reach the herd immunity. ILUNI FEB UI helped provide tents, chairs, air purifiers, cooling fans, prepared for the convenience of health workers and vaccine participants.

Health outreach programmes

Shared sports facilities

Sports facilities in the FEB UI area are used by the academic member.

Free sexual health care for students

FEB UI provides students with access to sexual and reproductive health care services including information and education services. Reflected by organizing the event “Gender Sensitivity and Violence Webinar”.

Layanan Kesehatan Seksual dan Reproduksi bagi Mahasiswa (ID)

Mental health support

FEB UI provides students and staff with access to mental health support by providing “RUANG ASA” ( as a counseling platform for FEB UI students with the availability of Counseling Services from Psychologists.

Bantuan Kesehatan Mental (ID)

Smoke-free policy

The implementation of the smoke-free policy within FEB UI has been regulated in the Rector’s DecreeĀ 

Petunjuk Teknis dan SK Rektor Kawasan Tanpa Rokok Salinan (ID)


Number of graduates in most recent year

Number of graduates in health professions in most recent year

Percentage of graduates from health