“Without water we can’t live. Water supports out agriculture and aquaculture. Clean water is vital. However, due to bad economics or poor infrastructure, millions of people including children die every year from diseases associated with inadequate water supply, sanitation and hygiene.”

THE Impact Rankings Methodology 2023, p. 65

Water consumption per person

Water Consumption Tracking

Monitoring energy use in the FEB UI campus environment has been recorded through the Green Metrics questionnaire every year. Questionnaire 2020.

FEB_6.2.1_2020_UI Questionnaire 2020 FEB UI

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Water usage and care

Waste water treatment

Wastewater treatment in the FEB UI environment is carried out based on the Rector’s Decree Number 1309 / SK / R / UI / 2011.

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FEB 6.2.1 2020 UI GreenMetric Questionnaire 2020 FEB UI (ID)

Preventing water system pollution from polluted water

Free drinking water provided

In order to reduce the use of plastic, FEB UI always provides free drinking water for students, staff, and visitors which is available in every corner of the campus. One form of effort to procure drinking water can be seen in the photo.

FEB 6.3.3 2021 dispenser ro air minum isi ulang (ID)

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Water-conscious building standards

Water-conscious planting

In order to minimize the use of water in the FEB UI environment, a plant landscape is provided to minimize water use. By planting drought-tolerant plants, for example, in the campus environment there are cacti.

FEB 6.3.5 2020 Tanaman Kaktus

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Water re-use

Water re-use policy

To minimize water use in the FEB UI area, there is a foundation to maximize water reuse in all universities. one of them is the Rector’s Decree Number 1309 / SK / R / UI / 2011 concerning water conservation in universities.

Water re-use measurement

Water in the community

Water management educational opportunities

Promoting conscious water usage

FEB UI actively promotes conscious water use on campus, and in the wider community by striving for the installation of stickers in every corner of water use.

FEB 6.5.2 2020 foto stiker penghematan air (ID)

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Off-campus water conservation support

Sustainable water extraction on campus

Cooperation on water security


Volume of water used in the university: Inbound (treated/extracted water)

1.681.190 liter per year

Number of campus population