Career Development (CDC)

Profil Career Development Center (CDC) FEB UI

CDC FEB UI is a unit of the Joint Venture and FEB UI Alumni Division which is a mediator for companies and prospective professional workers (graduates) from FEB UI, in particular, and UI graduates in general, especially for the recruitment process, internships (internship), industrial linkage, career sharing in the FEB UI campus environment, as well as helping to conduct tracer studies of graduates and users of FEB UI graduates. In addition, CDC FEB UI is expected to be a trusted partner for user companies and students, and FEB UI graduates.


As a center for career development and work for FEB UI graduates



  • Building a strategic partnership between FEB UI and the world of work and industry
  • As a mediator between FEB UI students and alumni and non-FEB UI with the industrial world and government agencies.
  • Participate in developing the ability of FEB UI undergraduate candidates to have expertise, skills, and knowledge in terms of self-development in preparing for a career in the world of work.

Tagline for CDC:
CDC FEB UI : Professionally Link Your Dreams

FEBUI CDC Program:

  1. Job Vacancies and Internship Publication Packages. Publication of job vacancies and internships through the communication channels owned, namely; bulletin boards, websites, email, and social networks.
  2. Company Campus Hiring Package, which bridges companies that will recruit FEB UI and UI graduates on the FEB UI campus, companies can conduct company presentations followed by a recruitment selection process.
  3. Visits to companies (company visits) aim to introduce students to the real world of work.
  4. Career snapshots and career seminars in collaboration with HR practitioners, companies, and student organizations assisted by CDC FEB UI, namely PBKM (Career Guidance and Internship Center) FEB UI
  5. Career workshop “Becoming An Attractive Candidate” for final semester students.
  6. Tracer Study of graduates and users of FEBUI graduates.


CDC FEB UI Cooperation with Companies: The form of collaboration between CDC FEB UI and companies will be adjusted to the company’s needs or by choosing the following cooperation packages:

  1. Job Vacancies Publication Package
  2. Publication Package, Graduate Data, and Calling Test Participants
  • Presentation Packages and Campus Recruitment
  1. Psychologist Recruitment and Assessment Test Package

Companies Cooperating with CDC FEB UI:


Partnership with Companies that employ FEB UI Students (Full Time or Intern):

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