Facilities and Infrastructure

Facilities and Infrastructure at FEB UI

FEB UI is a modern, dynamic, and friendly campus suitable as a place for forging knowledge for future leaders of the nation. In addition to being in the city of Depok, the FEB UI campus is also in Salemba, Jakarta, which is explicitly used for post-graduate education. FEB UI prioritizes excellent service to prepare quality human resources with supporting facilities and infrastructure. Maintenance and development efforts continue to be made to provide the best for the successors of the struggle baton. Until now, construction continues to be carried out to welcome an international class campus.

In addition, FEB UI is a meeting place for multi-cultures integrated into extended family ties. This diversity provides dynamism in the life of the campus environment, and this is reflected in the diverse and complementary activities of students. This dynamic and diverse atmosphere shows that FEB UI is a miniature of the life of the Indonesian nation.

To ensure that it is easy for everyone to come and visit the campus environment, complete and detailed information is needed. Providing comprehensive information about the two FEB UI campus locations and how to access them is vital to making FEB UI a campus open and friendly to everyone. This will be very helpful for all parties to identify and visit all the facilities and infrastructure contained in the FEB UI campus. Therefore, information about the direction and position of the FEB UI Depok and Salemba campuses included in the Campus Map is necessary. In addition, information on the number of study programs and their facilities requires a comprehensive campus map. This section will also present how to access FEB UI from various important positions, from the airport and downtown Jakarta, and the direction that must be a pass.

Provide information for students and education staff at FEB UI to obtain services, such as information on room borrowing at the Fastur unit, submission of event coverage at the Public Relations Unit, Etc.

Several types of transportation can be used for students and the general public, such as yellow buses, extension buses, and yellow bicycles.

The FEB UI campus is located strategically, because it is quite easy to access transportation infrastructures such as bus terminals, airport train stations, and taxi fleets. To go to the FEB UI campus, you can use the following transportation alternatives.