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The set of FEB UI Academic Regulations refers to the rules set by the Universitas Indonesia. This series of regulations is a guide/guideline for teaching staff, administrative staff, and FEB UI students in carrying out their academic activities within the Universitas Indonesia. This Academic Regulations Association website may take the form of a decision of the Universitas Indonesia Board of Trustees, a Decree of the Universitas Indonesia Board of Trustees, a Regulation of the Universitas Indonesia Board of Trustees, and a Decree of the Chancellor of the Universitas Indonesia.

This set of academic regulations regulates various aspects of academic activities at the University, Faculty, Department, and Study Program levels so that the FEB UI Academic Community can carry out academic activities in a directed, orderly, and coordinated manner. This Academic Rules Book is available in Faculties, Departments, and Study Programs. For new students, the Book of the Association of Academic Rules will be distributed as a compact disc (CD). Furthermore, the Book of the Association of Academic Rules can also be accessed through the web of the UI’s academic rule set.

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Final Assignment Guidelines

All Universitas Indonesia students from all levels of education are required to make a Final Project as a condition for completing their education. The Final Project includes but is not limited to Reports, Thesis, Thesis, and Dissertation. Following the Chancellor’s Decree No. 2143/SK/R/UI/2017, which regulates “Technical Guidelines for Writing Student Final Projects at the Universitas Indonesia,” students are required to follow the guidelines in making the Final Project that has been determined through the Rector’s Decree without reducing the uniqueness of each faculty

This guide explains how to write a Final Project, including Final Project Writing Format, Reference List, and Attachment List. With this writing guide, it is hoped that there will be uniformity in the final assignments made by students at all levels at UI.

Academic Bureau Service

The Academic Sector (Birpend) FEB UI provides academic document services to the FEB UI Academic Community, Alumni, and the general public both online and in person.

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