Student Organizations

It is a place for students to actualize their intellectual abilities, talents and interests into an activity that has a positive impact on the campus environment and the wider community.


Organization is a place for students to practice leadership skills, work in teams, communicate and develop networks that will be useful for students when they enter the world of work.

Based on their functions, student organizations at FEB UI are generally categorized as follows:

Types of Autonomous Entities in various fields:


Scientific Studies

Autonomous Bodies in the field of scientific studies consists of:

Kajian Ilmu Ekonomi dan Pembangunan Indonesia (KANOPI), is a student organization that studies the field of economics;

Management Student Society (MSS), is a student organization specializing in the study of management science;

Studi Profesionalisme Akuntan (SPA),is a student organization with a specialization in the study of accounting science.


Autonomous Bodies in the field of spirituality consists of:

Forum Studi Islam (FSI)

Persekutuan Oikumene Sivitas Akademika (POSA)

Keluarga Umat Katholik Sivitas Akademika (KUKSA)

Keluarga Mahasiswa Hindu Dharma (KMHD)

Keluarga Mahasiswa Budha (KMB)

Badan Semi Otonom (BSO)

BSO Liga Fotografi (LIFO)

BSO Sekolah Non Formal (SNF)

BSO Band


Unit Kegiatan Fakultas (UKF)

UKF Football Association of Economics (FAE)

UKF Basket

UKF Voli

UKF Taekwondo

Organizations and Associations