UI Dormitory

Student dormitories are not just a place to live. There is also the diversity of identities which shows that the residents come from various backgrounds, including regions, ethnicities, to individual habits which are able to foster a spirit of tolerance and togetherness in building the nation of the future. Dormitories are like a mosaic of the nation which is certainly very beneficial for the development of leadership spirit.

About the Dormitory

Most universities, both private and public, have dormitories for their students. The trend of building student dormitories is now increasingly popular and of course has a positive effect on the development of the world of education in this country. In the dormitory, there is a diversity of identities, togetherness, and also character building.


In 2030, UI Student Dormitory Becomes the Best Student Residence in Southeast Asia.


  • Providing excellent residential services to UI students
  • Provide a place for community learning in the spirit of diversity
  • Improve the image of UI with the presence of a GLOBAL quality dormitory

UI Dormitory Facilities


The facilities obtained by dormitory students are divided into two categories: room facilities and public facilities. The room facilities consist of a bed, wardrobe, study table, mattress. Meanwhile, public facilities consist of a canteen, mini market, laundry, photocopy, and an ATM machine.


To fulfill the needs of its residents, the Student Dormitory provides facilities in the form of a canteen that is adapted to the general financial condition of its occupants. In addition, the UI dormitory canteen also has a role as a means of social and cultural interaction between dorm residents, dormitory managers, and UI students who visit the dormitory canteen.


There is free UI campus Wi-Fi for internet access at certain locations, such as in the canteen area (old and temporary) and its surroundings, building A and building C.

Yellow Bus

The campus bus, or commonly referred to as the yellow bus, is a public facility provided by UI for the UI academic community. The UI campus bus start point is located in front of the dormitory, making it easier for dorm residents to go to the faculties/facilities at UI. Campus buses operate from Monday to Saturday with operating hours from 06.00 to 21.00 WIB (except Saturdays which operate from 06.00 to 17.00 WIB).

Yellow Bicycle

Transportation to the UI dormitory can be done using a yellow bicycle. The yellow bicycle is one of the transportation facilities provided by UI for students, lecturers and education staff. The advantage of the yellow bicycle is that it makes the cyclist healthier because apart from the mode of transportation, it is also a sporting tool. One of the yellow bicycle shelters is located in front of the UI dormitory area. The yellow bicycle loan operation is valid from Monday to Saturday with operating hours at 07.00 to 17.00 WIB. Borrowing a yellow bicycle can be done by showing a student card to the yellow bicycle shelter officer and without the need of a fee.


One of the facilities in the UI dormitory is an Automated Teller Machine (ATM), one of which is a BNI Bank ATM.


As a support for worship facilities, there is a musalla (prayer room) for congregational prayers in each dormitory building.


As one of the facilities belonging to Universitas Indonesia, the Student Dormitory also has a Security Unit (Satpam) which is integrated with Universitas Indonesia’s Security Unit under the coordination of the UI Campus Environmental Development Sub-Directorate (PLK-UI Sub-Directorate) which is on duty for 24 hours to protect and secure the Student Dormitory environment from any disturbance of security and order and other violations.

UI Dormitory Information

UI Student Dormitory,

RW.3, Srengseng Sawah, Jagakarsa Sub-district, South Jakarta City,

West Java 16424


Phone: 021 - 787 4414

UI Dormitory Location

On maps.google.com, the UI dormitory can be seen at the coordinates: -6.347811,106.829632.

In order to reach the dormitory by public transportation, you can use a public bus with a route that goes through UI Depok Campus or by train by stopping at either UI Station or Pondok Cina Station. Then you can continue the trip using the UI Campus Bus (Yellow Bus) which stops at the last destination of the UI drormitory.