Organizational Structure

Structure of the Administrative Center Faculty of Economics and Business University of Indonesia

The Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (FEB UI) is led by the Dean who is assisted by an executive leadership team consisting of 2 Vice Deans and one Executive Secretary. Vice Dean 1 is responsible for education, research, and student affairs. Meanwhile, Vice Dean 2 is responsible for managing resources, ventures and general administration. The executive secretary is responsible for managing public relations and public information, as well as strategic planning.

The Division 1 team was formed to assist the Vice Dean 1 in carrying out daily duties. This team consists of (1) Education Unit, (2) Research and Community Service Unit, (3) Student Welfare Center, (4) International Office, (5) Prof. Soemitro Djodjohadikusumo Resource and Learning Center, (6) Academic Quality Assurance Unit, and (7) International Accreditation Committee.

Vice Dean 2 in carrying out his duties is supported by a the Division 2 Team consisting of (1) General Division which include the sub-divisions of finance, human resources, information systems, and facilities and infrastructure, (2) Ventures, partnerships, and alumni, (3) Career Development Center, and (4) Coordinator of the Special Work Unit (UKK) Community Service. Meanwhile, the Executive Secretary in carrying out their functions is assisted by a team consisting of the Public Relations Unit, Planning and Development Unit, and the Archives Unit.

The entire team of Division 1, Division 2 and the Executive Secretarial Team who assist the Dean, Vice Deans, and Executive Secretary in carrying out their duties is called the Faculty Administration Center (PAF). The units within the PAF are managed professionally by the managers, assistant managers and assisted by reliable educational administrative staff.

Department and Academic Programs (DF1)

In realizing the vision to become an excellent economic and business learning center in Asia so as to contribute to the development of Indonesia and the global community, FEB UI is supported by three departments, namely economics, management and accounting. Each of these departments coordinates the implementation of the curriculum from undergraduate, masters to doctoral levels.


Department of Economics

The Department of Economics is in charge of:

  • Regular Undergraduate Program in Economics
  • Islamic Economics Undergraduate Program
  • Masters Program in Planning and Public Policy [MPKP]
  • Masters Program in Economic Demography and Manpower [MEKK]
  • Postgraduate Masters Program in Economics [PPIE]
  • Postgraduate Doctoral Program in Economics [PPIE]


Department of Management

The Department of Management is in charge of:

  • Regular Undergraduate Program in Management and Extension
  • Islamic Business Undergraduate Program
  • Masters of Management Program [MM]
  • Postgraduate Masters Program in Management [PPIM]
  • Postgraduate Doctoral Program in Management [PPIM]


Department of Accounting

The Department of Accounting is in charge of:

  • Regular, Parallel, and Extension Undergraduate Programs
  • Master of Accounting Program / PPAk
  • Postgraduate Masters Program in Accounting [PPIA]
  • Postgraduate Doctoral Program in Accounting [PPIA]

In addition to the academic programs under the three departments mentioned above, FEB UI also has a cross-departmental program, namely the International Undergraduate Program. This international program was founded in 2004 and has had various university partners abroad, including in Australia, the Netherlands, the UK, Japan and South Korea.


Special Work Unit in Community Service

Complementing the 3rd pillar of higher education, namely community service, FEB UI currently has 6 Special Work Units in the Field of Community Service (UKK Pengmas) which function is to conduct academic studies and consultancy services in the fields of economics, business and management, as well as executive training that can accessible to the whole community. The UKKs are (1) Economic and Community Research Institute (LPEM), (2) Management Body (LM), (3) Demographic Institute (LD), (4) Accounting Development Center (PPA), (5) UKM Center, and (6) Sharia Economics and Business Center (PEBS).