Center For Education and Learning

in Economics and Business


Center For Education and Learning in Economics and Business (CELEB) FEB UI

Establishment Background

In an effort to achieve the vision of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (FEB UI) as a leading center for economic and business learning in Indonesia, FEB UI takes strategic steps to contribute to the development of knowledge in the field of economics and business. One of these strategic steps is to establish the Center for Education and Learning in Economics and Business (CELEB FEB UI) which is directly responsible to Dean.

CELEB FEB UI was inaugurated on September 1, 2021 based on a decree from the Dean of FEB UI. The purpose of establishing CELEB FEB UI is to create continuous improvements in the quality of education, learning, and teaching at FEB UI, through the involvement of all stakeholders to encourage the acceleration of FEB UI in realizing the achievement of the faculty’s mission.

Our Main Duties and Functions

Become a major partner at FEB UI in:

  • developing and updating course learning designs;
  • developing MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses);
  • developing curriculum design and content;
  • managing and developing compulsory faculty courses.

Develop lecturers' pedagogical abilities and lecturers' capacity in managing classes (class management) online and offline.

Become a departmental partner at FEB UI in organizing academic refreshing as well as industrial and community engagement for lecturers.

Our Main programs in 2022 :

  • 1. Development and implementation of credited and non-credited MOOCs
  • 2. Development of video lessons on MOOCs and OVIS UI
  • 3. Preparation of case studies for learning courses for postgraduate/master-level students
  • 4. Implementation of Compulsory Faculty Courses
  • 5. Coordination of Teaching Practitioner Program
  • 6. Organizing training/webinars for teaching-and-learning capacity development of the lecturers

CELEB Team :

  • 1. Ratih Dyah Kusumastuti, M.T., Ph.D. ( Head)
  • 2. Ledi Trialdi, S.E., M.P.P. ( Member )
  • 3. Elevita Yuliati, MSM. ( Member )
  • 4. Muhamad Nurjamal (Administrative Staff)
  • 5. Nur Ade Liani (Administrative Staff)




Economics Department Building 2nd Floor
UI Depok Campus

( Muhamad Nurjamal )