AACSB Sharing Session From Prof. Sung Joo Park

On 16th January 2018, FEB UI invited Prof. Sung Joo Park (KAIST Business School) to give a talk titled “How to Succeed in the Accreditation of Business Schools : AACSB & EQUIS”

The sharing session consists of many topics that are useful for FEB UI to achieve the accreditation, such as the biggest challenge for the school to gain international accreditation, the history of business school, the accreditation process and many more. Prof. Sung Joo Park present the material and following that is the Question and Answer Session and Discussion.

The sharing session was attended by Prof. Ari Kuncoro (Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business UI), Prof. Emil Salim (Former Indonesian State Minister of Development and Environment Monitoring 1978-1993), and many Head of Department and Study Programme of FEB UI.

Through this sharing session, It is expected that FEB UI could become AACSB-accreditised soon.

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