These are Champions of MM FEB UI Investment Competition


These are Champions of MM FEB UI Investment Competition


Melva Costanty – Humas FEB UI


JAKARTA – Investment activities are another alternative to managing finances as well as financially promising. At present, the interest of young people to invest in the capital market is increasing. Also, by investing in the capital market many benefits can be obtained, including enriching knowledge in finance (financial literacy), improving risk management for individuals, and increasing the participation of the Indonesian stock market. The Master of Management Student Committee, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia saw this opportunity to hold an investment competition, the MMUI Investment Competition (INVESCO).


With the theme ‘Become An Intelligent Investor’, MMUI Investment Competition participants are open to all Masters of Business and Management students from all over Indonesia

. In the Final MMUI Investment Competition, the 5 best groups gave presentations before the judges, namely Zaafri Ananto Husodo (lecturer in Management Magister), William Prasetyo (Chief Operating Officer of Young Investors), and Adrianus Bias (Head of Sucor Securities Research).



Following is the list of winners:

Best Analyst

1st Place: CAPM17 Team – University of Indonesia

2nd Place: Bogor Stock Exchange Team – PPM School Of Management

3rd Place: ITB Exper – MBA Team


Best Performance

1st place in The Prosperous One

2nd place CAPM17

3rd place Cuan Tok


Best Presenter

CAPM17 Team – University of Indonesia


One of the judges, William Prasetyo (Chief Investor Officer of Young Investors), said that the competition participants were quite good, even though they were not capital market players. “Academically they are good, and their knowledge is academically quite strong. Maybe they need to be more contextual and tap into the market. in the sense that they understand the market and their analysis will become world-class analysis. ”


William also presented tips if students were interested in investing in the capital market. “Having more passion for exploring a sector. In certain sectors what business risks are contained in it, because we cannot equate the banking industry and maybe the consumer industry because it has different indicators in it, for example may be indicators for banks maybe they are more related to interest rates or deposit rates, after that it might be more global or macro, while companies that move / issuers engaged in consumer goods are more conservative, we might be able to find companies that have strong business and they have strong roots in a different market than banking, so they need to deepen their industry so that they understand more deeply, “he added.


The MMUI Investment Competition aims to provide talented human resources in the field of finance and investment in the financial industry. (Des)