These are the 2 Millennials Perceptions of the New Legislative Era Through Self Branding


These are the 2 Millennials Perceptions of the New Legislative Era Through Self Branding


Nino Eka Putra ~ Humas FEB UI

JAKARTA – Business Center Student Committee Student Organization Management Study Program FEB UI held an Inspiration Class Sharing Session with the theme “Millennial Perception of the New Legislative Era Through Self Branding” which took place at the MM Auditorium, on Friday (11/29/2019).

The Head of the Master of Management Study Program of FEB UI, Rofikoh Rokhim gave a speech that we all here want to learn not only from economics, management but we also have to get tricks / case studies / experiences from figures in the community, both in terms of business or legislative.

Millennial speaking in Indonesia is like being the first generation that holds native digital status. Based on data that 1 in 3 of Indonesia’s population is dominated by millennial. Where 8 out of 10 are connected to the internet, 30.7% visit the mall at least every 2 weeks, 40.1% have an Instagram account, and 22.3% still read the newspaper.

“In addition, 9 millennial behaviors when viewed from daily behavior, among internet addictions, fast & smart work, anything, holidays anytime & anywhere, indifferent to politics, like to share, do not have to have, easily turn to another heart, and a thin wallet,” said Rofikoh Rokhim.

DKI Jakarta DPRD Commission A, Agustina Hermanto alias Tina Toon explained that personal branding is all about yourself that distinguishes and sells. Before forming personal branding we must understand ourselves first and the key consists of swots and goals.

“In terms of personal branding goals to help the interests of many people, including strength preparation (education, public figure, communication skills, analysis, language skills, performance), opportunities (young & brave, nothing to lose, millennial age & Gen Z), weakness (want to be fast, focus on quality, hard to believe, cannot leave things behind, work addicts), and threats (internet & social media, hoaxes, competition),” he added.

“I, as a millennial generation, has been involved in politics in terms of personal branding that young politicians depart from common sense with knowledge, abilities and full integrity with the intention of helping more than personal capacity with concern for society,” concluded Tina Toon, her nickname in her presentation of material.

Member of Commission VI of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Sondang Tampubolon said the number of members of the House of Representatives in 2019 – 2024 was 575 people with a ratio of 457 men and 118 women and under 40 years of age 90 people. Politics is everything about the process of formulating and implementing public policy in carrying out a government and a state.

“In politics, young people or millennial are considered inexperienced, immature in thinking and emotionally unstable, tend to be idealistic & unrealistic because they often make decisions based on emotional emotions,” said Sondang Tampubolon.

So, millennial generation must make changes such as behaving / acting as agents of change & must be able to break the vicious circle of power / money politics, must remain optimistic & must not stop making corrective measures in everything including the political sector, must go forward & care about creating good political quality & must dare to plunge into it, politics will only occur when people are good / professional & have integrity.

“My determination to plunge into politics from the side of self branding through being & getting to know myself, the development of all the strengths, self potential, communication skills, having knowledge, playing media streams & social media. Not only that, there are also 5 self-branding namely awareness, knowledge, preference, liking, and loyalty,” he concluded. (Des)