The Management Research Center FEB UI Held The 13th International Conference on Business and Management Research (ICBMR) “Leveraging Business and Management Knowledge in Digital Era”


The Management Research Center FEB UI Held The 13th International Conference on Business and Management Research (ICBMR)

Leveraging Business and Management Knowledge in Digital Era”


Hana Fajria – Humas FEB UI

Depok – (21-10-2020) Annually held by the Management Research Center (MRC), under the Management Department of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia, this International Conference on Business and Management Research (ICBMR), provides an excellent international platform for academics, researchers, and budding students around the world to share their research findings and to find international linkage for future collaborations. This year, the 13th ICBMR was held as a virtual conference  on October 21-22, 2020, where there were online presentations, Meet the Editors, Doctoral Colloquium, and webinar keynote speeches.

This year ICBMR theme was on Leveraging Business and Management Knowledge in the Digital Era. In the opening speech of the conference, the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia, Teguh Dartanto, Ph.D., emphasized the contribution of researchs in the economics and business fields to support various organizations in Indonesia. With such contributions, these organizations are expected to create sustainable innovations to support the economic growth, especially in the current situations, where changes occur in the world order caused by disruption of digital technology and the Covid-19 pandemic.

More than 100 participants from various universities and various countries attended the conference, both as presenters as well as observers. The Organizing Committee Dr. Rifelly Dewi Astuti, stated that  experts  in their  fields were invited as keynote speakers  in the conference. Prof. Jae Bin Ahn, from the Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS), Seoul National University,  presented Financial technology in Emerging countries,  and Prof. Riza Casidy, Assc. Editor of the Journal of Strategic Marketing, Dept. of Marketing – Macquarie University, talked about Marketing in the Digital Era. On the second day, Prof. Ian Phau,  Editor in Chief, APJML School of Marketing, Curtin University, talked on How to Publish Article in a Reputable Journal.

“We have received 107 papers from five countries, and through double-blind reviews, papers were presented in the two days conference. These papers  from different business and management fields namely: finance, banking, Islamic finance and banking, marketing, Islamic marketing, organization/HR management, operation and supply chain management, disaster management, strategic management and general management, were presented via an online platform. All presented papers will be published in the conference proceedings or in our supporting journals,” according to Dr. Rifelly.

Supporting journals for ICBMR 2020 are: Asian Academy of Management Journal of Accounting & Finance, Asian Academy of Management Journal, European Journal of International Management, International Journal of Emerging Markets, International Journal of Economics & Management, International Journal of Business & Society, Southeast Asian Management Journal (SEAM), Indonesian Capital Market Review (ICMR) and ASEAN Marketing Journal (AMJ). While the Conference Proceedings will be published by Atlantis Press. At the end of the conference, 3 (three) best papers from different categories were presented with awards from the Committee.

The best paper from finance category is “The Sustainability of Microfinance Institutions in Supporting Financial Inclusion in Asian Countries for the Period of 2011-2018” by Natasha Salim Sjarkawi, Liyu Adhi Kasari Sulung. The the best paper from marketing category, is “The Drivers of Repurchase Intention during the Corona Pandemic: An Examination of Gender Difference” by Wahyuningsih, Hanny Nasution, Yulia Hendri Yeni, Ratna Roostika. The best paper  from management category is “The Effect of Diversity Management on Organizational Citizenship Behavior: The Mediating Role of Organizational Inclusion, Affective Commitment, and Work Engagement” by Caroline Tjoeng, Fanny Martdianty. Congratulation for the winners!  (hjtp)