UKM Center FEB UI and InBrand: “Uncovering the Brand Thoroughly from a Business and Legal Aspect”


UKM Center FEB UI and InBrand: “Uncovering the Brand Thoroughly from a Business and Legal Aspect”

Nino Eka Putra ~ PR of FEB UI


DEPOK – (3/10/2020) On Saturday (3 / 10/2020), the Small and Medium Enterprises Center, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia (UKMC FEB UI) collaborated with InBrand to organize a webinar on UKM surgery, with the topic “Uncovering the Brand Thoroughly from a Business and Law Business Aspect”.

The speakers for this webinar were Eva Nurafiyah, FEB UI UKM Center Development Partner (Enofa Teri Balado and Fried Potatoes), Roro Ajeng Sekar Arum, Digital Strategist and Content Writer, Robiatul Adawiyah, HaKI Practitioner, Founder and CEO of InBrand Indonesia, moderated by Laras from InBrand. This event was opened by T.M. Zakir Sjakur Machmud, Ph.D., Head of UKM Center FEB UI.

As the first to speak, Eva Nurafiyah said that in the beginning she started opening an anchovies (teri) and dried potatoes (kering kentang) business without using a brand and marketing the products only by word of mouth. As time went by, she thought  that the product being sold must develop with a legality. She went to the Office of Health and HaKI to obtain legal recognition. However, there she was informed that the product being sold must have a brand. “I  then thought of a name for the brand on my product.” she said. This means that if we have a product, it must be accompanied by an attractive brand name that has not been used by others to reach a wider market and make us confident in our product.

Roro Ajeng Sekar Arum, as the second resource person, explained that the brand is a sign of identification worn by entrepreneurs on goods or services that they offer and produce. Branding is useful as a foundation for businesses to have a voice, identity, values, and consumer awareness; so that consumers can be recognized, strengthening business in industrial competition, increasing trust in the business in the form of a positive image, and to simplify the testimonial chain.

According to Roro, during the stages of building a brand, namely making a brand foundation by first discovering the values ​​that exist in the product, as well as solidifying goals in making a business. Prepare a brand communication strategy (design a communication strategy so that the brand is recognized by potential customers), and evaluation (learn more about the advantages and disadvantages). In addition, brand communication consists of 2 parts, namely business persona, where consumers want to feel a connection with the chosen brand and not just buying goods or services, and a tone of voice, which is the language style used to communicate with consumers / target audience. Brand communication with consumers can be through content on social media, advertisements, quizzes, customer handling, exhibitions, webinars, and so on.

Robiatul Adawiyah, as the third resource person, said that the Intellectual Property Rights (HaKI) are the rights to take economic benefits from the work which is a manifestation of appreciation for human intellectual activities. Protection of IPR is very important so that a work is not easily claimed or used by others. This sense of security will certainly create a sense of security in running a business. The importance of intellectual property in the MSME business as protection and identity, intangible assets that can provide economic value, and a tool to increase the valuation of MSMEs.

Types of IPR include trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights, trade secrets, geographic indications, patents, plant varieties, and integrated circuits. “The flow of trademark registration starts from the application (document preparation, application process), formalities checking (examination, document completeness), publication (announced to the public to open opportunities for third parties to object), substantive examination (trademark office checks the feasibility of a mark), to a logo ® sign that the brand has been registered.” Robiatul said.