GNAM Week Day 4 and 5: MM FEB UI Closes the Event by Announcing the Winners of the Discussion Group Forum Participants


GNAM Week Day 4 and 5: MM FEB UI Closes the Event by Announcing the Winners of the Discussion Group Forum Participants

Nino Eka Putra ~ PR of FEB UI

Nisa Adzhani L ~ MM FEB UI student

DEPOK – Thursday and Friday (22-23 / 10/2020) The fourth and fifth days of Global Network Week, the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM) with the theme “Winning Strategies for Small and Medium Size Businesses Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic” was conducted with a slightly different agenda, focusing on group discussions and final presentations, as well as the closing of the event (22-23 / 10/2020).

Discussions were conducted through a focus discussion group (FDG) system to gain deeper understanding and close interaction between group members. Participants were divided into several FDGs and worked together to complete the group assignments that had been submitted previously. On the last day, they will present the results of their discussion to all participants in front of the judges, who will choose the best group.

Eight FDGs were formed, which included a mixed group consisting of domestic and foreign participants with one LO from the MM FEB UI Student Committee who was assigned to accompany them. LO is responsible to facilitate a meeting room for the group discussions on the fourth day. Most of the group members participated actively and volunteered to spend their time from the morning to the evening, enthusiastically discussing different topics while preparing their presentations.

On the fifth day, the session started early for the group presentations. There were two rooms for two groups to present at the same time. Each group presented within a 30-minutes time frame (including the Q&A).

Yeshika Alversia, S.E., M.Sc., Secretary of the FEB UI MM Study Program, announced the winners who had been carefully selected by a jury consisting of Dr. Yasmine Nasution; Arief Wibisono Lubis, Ph.D.; Arviansyah, Ph.D.; and Melia Retno, M.Sc.

Yeshika Alversia announced three wins in this FDG, the 1st place won by Group 3 (consisting of Adlirrahman Aufar Mujiyanto, Anand Raju Moon, Carla Anindya Wijaya, Lanashia, Nadita Putri Almira W, Rudy Kurniawan, Simon John Ellot, Yohanes Amadeus R, and Nara Pengestika), the 2nd place was won by Group 6 (consisting of Slamet Liana R., Andre Tanuwijaya, Ayse Selcen Cobanoglu, Dimas Almansyah, M. Rizal Dhiyas R., Putri Noviani Hartati S., Rakesh Kumar Sethy, and Septiana Rachma P.), the 3rd place was won by Group 8 (consisting of Ayat Nur Hidayat, Nadhifah Almas, Velicia Faustine Halim, Raisa April Lena, Paula Olavarria Manriquez, Ian Lord Perdana, and Dita Kartika Sari).

Towards the end of the event, several participants expressed their impressions and thoughts regarding the GNAM Week MM FEB UI 2020. Kelwin Chandra (Singapore), Krunal Girishkumar Kapadia (India), Paula Alejandra Olavarría Manríquez (Chile), and Qiong Wu (China) as participant representatives said that they have pleasant memories during the GNAM Week 2020, gaining new experiences and knowledge, and hoping that the relationship that has been formed will be maintained.

Lastly, Yeshika also commented that despite the obstacles and unfavorable situations faced (from the Covid-19 to the conflict in Nigeria, where several participants are from ), the¬† event was¬† quite smooth. She also wished the participants had gained memorable experiences and to maintain strong bonds of friendship. “Even though we are thousands of kilometers apart, I hope that the moments we spent together during the GNAM Week MM FEB UI 2020 will remain as beautiful memories. Thank you to everyone involved in this event, and see you again at the next GNAM Week MM FEB UI,” Yeshika closed the event. (hjtp)