Scientific Talkshow: CEO of Start-UP “Businesses That Survive the Covid-19 Pandemic”


Scientific Talkshow: CEO of Start-UP “Businesses That Survive the Covid-19 Pandemic”

Hana Fajriah – Public Relations FEB UI

Depok – (21/10/2020)

The Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia, held a Scientific Talk Show as part of a series of events for the 70th Anniversary of FEB UI. The speakers at this event were Adi Zingkong, ILUNI FEB UI – Digital Economy, Adrian Gunadi, CEO of Investree, Windy Natriavi, CEO of Awantunai, and moderator Eva Julianti Yunizar, MM., From CNN Indonesia. All speakers and moderators are FEB UI alumni from various graduating classes.

The event took place online through the Zoom application and was broadcast live on the official Youtube account of FEB UI Public Relations and  was attended by more than 600 participants.

Mrs. Herda J.T Pradsmadji, S.E., M.Pd, Secretary of the Faculty of FEB UI, in her  remarks expressed her  appreciation to the speakers for contributing by  adding insight and value to knowledge about the digital economy and digital skills to the participants, most of whom were FEB UI and UI students. “Thank you to the speakers who are alumni of FEB UI. We hope that this event will be useful and build better insights for the fast growing digital economy going forward. Enjoy  the seminar!” Mrs. Herda said via  Zoom.

Mrs. Herda also invited participants to donate by ordering e-certificates. This e-certificate fund will be part of an effort supporting Distance Learning for students in areas where there is no signal coverage, or where they do not have devices to study with. One part of the Dies Natalis activity is collecting reading books, lessons, mobile phones that are fit for use,cash in a collection box / special account to support children who carry out PJJ in areas where there is no WiFi or no signal to access.

Adi Zingkong, started the talk show by describing a future business that is rapidly growing in relation to digital transformation. Adi provided an overview and chart of survey data from alumni regarding the world of the digital economy. Adi recommended many tips, such as advising students to have a career in tech, starting an internship while still in college, and making friends or building networks across faculties such as communications, law, psychology, and others. “High learning motivation, hard work and never giving up are the main keys to starting a career, to build a start-up. A good time to start building a start-up is after having a prototype and getting market feedback.”.Adi said.

The second speaker, Windy, presented the Awantunai start-up, which focuses on developing technology to advance and facilitate Indonesian businesses, as well as providing financing to wholesalers who have difficulty getting additional capital for their business. Awantunai provides an application that is used by wholesalers to get financing for purchases of goods from suppliers who have collaborated with Awantunai, as well as providing technology for suppliers to make it easier to record inventory and monitor transactions that occur in their stores.

The third speaker, Adrian Gunadi, explained about the future potential of the economic industry in the world of fintech, so that beginners can use technology to make financial services more efficient and accessible. Investree as a B2B loan marketplace platform for SMEs, brings together borrowers and lenders through its platform and does not fund any loans.

Apart from the talk show, merchandise was also given out by drawing 15 online prizes to the event participants.

The broadcast of this event can be watched via the FEB UI Official Youtube Channel at the link: