UKM Center FEB UI with BSI and KNEKS Open the 2021 Entrepreneur Class


UKM Center FEB UI with BSI and KNEKS Open the 2021 Entrepreneur Class

DEPOK – (14/8/2021) The UKM Center, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia (UKMC FEB UI) together with Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI) opened the online 2021 Entrepreneur Class  program. The Entrepreneur Class is a training and mentoring program for MSMEs, which is carried out online for a full month and is also free for MSMEs throughout Indonesia.

This program consists of two classes, namely the Halal Industry MSME Sharia Business Class and the Regular Business Class with a total of 500 MSME participants. The first class, attended by 50 MSMEs and initiated by the National Committee for Islamic Economics and Finance (KNEKS), engaged business incubators of several universities in Indonesia, including Oorange UNPAD, STP IPB University, PIB Institut TAZKIA, Greater Hub SBM ITB and also BSI. UKMC FEB UI, apart from being one of the compilers of modules/materials for the Halal Industry MSMEs, was also chosen by BSI as the executor of the first trial related to this training. The materials that were delivered in this class are quite diverse, ranging from Islamic Business Ethics, to Islamic Quality Management and will be filled by presenters from BSI and the university incubator institutions involved.

Meanwhile, for the Regular Business class, 450 MSMEs were selected to participate (out of a total of more than 900 registrants), which were divided into 9 batches. These MSMEs consisted of various types of businesses, ranging from fashion, crafts, services, trade and the culinary sectors, in various locations from Sumatra to Eastern Indonesia. Besides being filled with basic materials such as Financial Management, Legality and Licensing, Production/operations Management, and Digital Marketing, a special session on Islamic Business Ethics in collaboration with the TAZKIA Institute PIB was also given at the beginning.

The opening of the 2021 Entrepreneur Class  yesterday was remarked by T.M Zakir Machmud Ph.D., Head of the UKM Center FEB UI, Ir. Putu Rahwidhiyasa, Director of Sharia Business and Entrepreneurship at KNEKS, and Dewa Bagus Ivan Baruna, Group Head of Bank Syariah Indonesia University. At this opening, hundreds of selected MSME participants and several facilitators from UKMC FEB UI also attended.

It is hoped that the 2 types of classes in this Entrepreneur Class program can support MSMEs to survive and adapt in the midst of this pandemic. Through the Sharia Business class, the Halal Industry MSMEs are expected to encourage other MSMEs in Indonesia to enter the sharia market, which has a fairly large market potential in Indonesia. Meanwhile, MSMEs who are members of the Regular Business class are also expected to start making fundamental changes in their business management, both in terms of marketing (through digital marketing), fulfillment of legality/licensing requirements, as well as solving classic problems such as financial management.

This program is a tripartite collaboration between BSI – KNEKS – UKMC FEB UI to support the government’s focus on the Sharia, MSME and Digital aspects and in order to realize “The Upgrading of MSMEs “. It is hoped that in the future, UKMC FEB UI and BSI, and KNEKS can continue to work together to empower more sharia-based and non-sharia based UMKM in Indonesia.

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