Ari Kuncoro, Hot Economy One TV News: Red Carpet for Investment


Ari Kuncoro, Hot Economy One TV News: Red Carpet for Investment


Rifdah Khalisha – Public Relations FEB UI

DEPOK – (7/10/2021) Along with pursuing investment targets and encouraging economic recovery in the midst of a pandemic, the government provides a number of facilities for investors to invest in the country. The 2021 investment target is higher than the previous year’s target, which was Rp 817.2 trillion. However, the Ministry of Investment will facilitate business players from the start, starting from licensing, financing, to building facilities and infrastructure.


The Rector and Senior Economist of the Universitas Indonesia, Prof. Ari Kuncoro, in the Hot Economy Berita Satu TV program “Encouraging Economic Recovery through Investment”, which aired on Thursday (7/10) responded that the investment climate for business players has improved. “Due to late investment, currently there is inflationary pressure in several industrialized countries, especially the United States and Europe.”

“Those countries implemented a more intense lockdown policy so that investment interest disappeared due to uncertainty about the relaxation of restrictions. In August 2021, the United States recorded inflation of 5.3 percent due to stronger demand, but supply and production still declined.” he explained.

For him, Indonesia experienced a similar thing. Basically, the post-pandemic phenomenon does require inflation to be able to balance the speed of demand so that there is no stagnation.

Throughout January to June 2021, investment realization reached Rp 442.7 trillion or 49.2 percent of the target of Rp 900 trillion. Not only that, the realization has also succeeded in creating jobs for 623,715 people.

To attract investors, the government provides end-to-end facilities for investors, starting from ensuring that Indonesia is investment-friendly, assisting in licensing services, supporting financing, to providing services to the investment realization stage.

In addition, there are also fiscal incentives to accelerate investment, namely reduction of income tax (tax holiday), reduction of tax for taxable income (tax allowance), exemption from import duty, and provision of facilities in special economic zones.

According to Ari, derivative companies that invest in high technology still need a lot of manpower. “It is better if every employer provides education and training for workers, especially in terms of understanding technology.”

Finally, he emphasized that there needs to be consistent communication between the central and regional governments so that investment targets are not hampered. That way, investors can proceed comfortably with the various facilities that are available