MM FEB UI Wins the Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award 2021


MM FEB UI Wins the Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award 2021

Rifdah Khalisha – Public Relations FEB UI

DEPOK – (28/10/2021) On Thursday (28/10), the Master of Management, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia (MM FEB UI) received online the “Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award 2021”.

The Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award (IDPBA) is a prestigious award and recognition for brands in Indonesia that have succeeded in building popularity and increasing activity through digital media (internet) so that they are popular in similar categories.

In phase 4, TRAS N CO, INFOBRAND.ID, and IMFocus Certified Google Partner have researched more than 1,500 brands from 225 product and service categories to find the brands with the highest popularity over the past year. In contrast to previous research, IDPBA 2021 now adds a special category for universities with Master of Management Study Programs in Indonesia.

In the initial stage, the IDPBA assessors focused on the best universities in Indonesia according to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbud-Ristek). Then, they examined the university with 3 assessment parameters for the Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Index, including Search Engine Based, based on reviews and average brand searches per month on internet pages; Social Media Based, based on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube engagement; and Website Based, based on website traffic, website access speed, and mobile user friendliness.

The IDPBA awards universities that meet two final assessment criteria, namely receiving reviews of more than 10,000 search engine pages and occupying the top 10 rankings in their categories.

Based on research results, Universitas Indonesia won the 2021 Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award for the Master of Management (MM FEB UI) category because it has received reviews of more than 13 thousand search engine pages and has more than 13 million visitors to the official website, proving that the MM FEB UI study program is in great demand.

At the award presentation, Secretary of the MM FEB UI Study Program, Yeshika Alversia, M.Sc. representing MM FEB UI, thanked the floor for the appreciation of the Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award 2021.