Indonesian students make the nation proud, winning data science competitions in UK

Indonesian students make the nation proud, winning data science competitions in UK


Indonesian students won the data science competition at the United Kingdom (UK) Hackathon, which was attended by various participants from the host UK, Europe, India, and Asia, including Indonesia.

This event coincided with the Maritime Innovation of the Week 2022 held in London and Newcastle, UK, The Maritime Innovation Week 2022 Hackathon UK Competition by Port of Tyne, and The National Innovation Centre for Data.

The competition was won by a team (4 people) of students from Indonesia who completed a case entitled ‘How to Reduce CO2 Emission in Shipping and Maritime Industry, Zero Emission by 2030’.

They took a predictive analytics approach using machine learning and scenario modeling.

With the integration of Python and Power BI, they conducted interactive scenario-based modeling on PowerPoint based on the Python-Power BI cloud and demonstrated not only the conceptual solution but also the actual action of scenario modeling and prediction on smartphones.

Dr. Harry Patria developed this cutting-edge technological innovation as CEO and Chief Data Strategist at Transforma Infiniti Strategies (Patria & Co.) in several corporate clients who used predictive analytics to predict the number of crop yields, the age of heavy equipment in the mining industry, predict the maintenance time of power generation facilities, and others.

From the methods developed, they managed to present solutions in the form of automated reports and predictive models to achieve zero carbon emissions by replacing existing fossil fuels with biofuels while optimizing operations and supply chains among factories, containers, and vehicles.

The four students, 2 of whom are from Indonesia, are Dr. Harry Patria and Mariela Ayu Prasetyo. Both are Master of Science (MSc) students in the School of Computing at Newcastle University and Data Scientists at PT Strategi Transforma Infiniti (Patria & Co.). Then, Erine Marcelina Gunawan and Danica Vania Limawan (Master’s students at Newcastle Business School).

Dr. Harry had previously completed two masters in Chemical Engineering at the Universitas Indonesia. Through scholarships, he was also the best and fastest graduate of the Master of Economics and Doctor of Strategic Management at the Faculty of Business Economics (FEB), Universitas Indonesia.

Currently, he continues to study in Newcastle with a University scholarship. He was awarded a scholarship earlier this month to continue his Ph.D. for the second time through a research and innovation scholarship by the UK Government for four years until 2026.

Apart from studying and running a business, Dr. Harry has been teaching at 5 universities in Indonesia online since 2020, namely Universitas Indonesia (Master of Accounting with lectures on Data Analytics, Data Science), SBM MBA ITB (Business Strategy, Growth Strategy), ITS (Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Big Data, Strategic Management), and starting March 2022 was appointed as a faculty member at BINUS Business School (Disruptive Strategy, Strategic Management, Business Ethics).

The four also actively promote Indonesian culture by wearing batik during competitions and supporting various Indonesian student programs, especially PPI Newcastle.

This prize is also dedicated to Indonesian students to emphasize that we Indonesian children can compete, not inferior in coding, programming, and business solutions, with participants from various other countries.

Source: Jakarta Suara Merdeka