FEB UI Research Development Roadmap

The FEB UI Research and Community Service (RPM) Roadmap is divided into 3 dynamic major periods as can be seen in the following figure:

Figure 1. FEB UI Research Roadmap

Period 1 (2014-2019)

In period 1, research activities have been carried out with a focus on efforts to increase the number of lecturer publications at both national and international levels. Research activities carried out by FEB UI lecturers are actually quite adequate. However, these studies do not always appear in the form of articles for publication in national and international scientific journals, so efforts to increase these publications need to be made that includes strengthening funding, developing research competencies, developing collaborative research networks, and expanding access to publications for journals that are targets for researchers to be able to publish their research results. This has been carried out in period 1 and its impact is very much felt in the increase in research publications in recent years as shown in the graph of FEB UI research results. However, further strategic steps need to be taken to further improve and strengthen the results of FEB UI research publications on the national and international levels.

Period 2 (2020-2025)

After experiencing encouraging publication developments, the next strategic step that needs to be taken by FEB UI is to further improve and strengthen the results of FEB UI research publications on the national and international levels. As an effort to implement these strategic steps, in 2020 FEB UI began to form research clusters that can be a forum for collaboration for lecturers in conducting research that supports the creation of knowledge sharing, network development both domestically and abroad, as well as the unification of all potential and strengths, so that a dynamic research culture is formed and continues to develop within the FEB UI environment.

In 2021, 19 research clusters have been formed in 3 departments consisting of XX members, and are actively conducting research activities, developing research competencies, scientific publications, and disseminating research results. Not only working in the internal environment, these research clusters are also encouraged to be able to carry out various collaborations with foreign parties, especially Asia, which became the focus in 2021.

Period 3 (2020-2025)

With the development of 19 research clusters that have been formed at FEB UI, it is hoped that in period 3, a dynamic research culture and research competence and expertise in the field of science will also develop evenly and deepen. In this period, it is hoped that more and more excellent researchers will emerge from FEB UI, not only on a national scale, but also regionally and internationally who can make a significant contribution to the development of science and technology and be able to improve the welfare and competitiveness of the nation.


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