Infrastructure Room

Gallery of Infrastructure and Space

FEB UI provides infrastructure which includes:

1. Buildings, meeting halls and other physical support facilities.


The R. Soeria Atmadja Auditorium is the largest meeting building in FEB UI Depok. The location is quite strategic, namely inside the FEB UI Dean Building. The building, which can accommodate up to 400 people, is very often used for various internal and external activities.

Activities that are often held at the FEB Auditorium include lectures, internal faculty activities such as inauguration of professors, selection of deans, etc., as well as student activities such as seminars, training, etc. In addition to its strategic location (at the front of the campus), this building is equipped with international standard facilities such as LCD Projector, Sound System, Air Conditioner (AC), etc.

Student Center (SC) Room

The meeting room, which is relatively more relaxed than the other two meeting rooms at FEB UI, is located in the student organization’s basecamp area on the 2nd Floor. The room renovation which was completed in 2009 makes the Student Center look more pleasant to visit. With walls with shades of green paint, this room is able to provide a sense of comfort for its visitors.

Complete facilities such as AC and LCD Projector and a large enough room capacity of around 200 people, further exude the attractiveness of this meeting room. So do not be surprised if after the renovation of the room, SC Room users are increasing. Not different from other meeting rooms, SC is often used for activities such as seminars, training, and lecture activities.

RSM Lounge Room

Meeting Room

Meeting Room Prof. Dr. Djoko Soetono, The meeting room, which is located in the Dean Building of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia, 3rd floor, has a capacity of at least 50 people. This room is often used in holding internal meetings, as well as receiving guests from partner universities.

Meeting Room (Accounting Department)

Meeting/Discussion Room


Class Schedule

Campus classrooms are open every Monday – Friday at 07:00 and 20:00, except holidays.

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