Master Progam in Planning and Development Policy

Master Progam in Planning and Development Policy (MPKP)

Accreditation Highest Accreditation A.
Number of SK BANPT SK Ketua BAN-PT Number : 238/SK/BAN-PT/Al-XI/M/XI/2013 date Novemver 22, 2013

Becoming a center for learning economic planning and development policies that are reputable both at the national level and in Asia so that they contribute to development in Indonesia.


Contribute to the development of the application of economic theory in development policy planning and produce a superior economic master in the field of planning and development policy making that has social responsibility and is able to deal with changes in the global environment.

Objectives of the Graduate Profile

  1. Developing the ability of students to do economic planning and policy making based on evidence-based practice so that it is appropriate to the social and global context

  2. Develop a curriculum that is aligned with the needs of leaders in the public sector and the need for understanding economic planning and policy by the private sector

  3. Improve research culture and academic atmosphere among lecturers and students

  4. Realizing professionalism and good governance in the management of study programs to be able to become reputable study programs both at the national level and in Asia

Graduate Profile

Masters Progam in Planning and Development Policy who are able to predict and recommend solutions to various public problems in the economic field in relation to social and environmental aspects

Education programs

S2 (Graduate Program)
Degree Magister Ekonomi (M.E.)
Study Program Profile

MPKP Study Program is a Masters Degree Program in Applied Education and professional pathways under the Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia. The National Accreditation Board of Higher Education awarded A title for the MPKP-FEUI study program (Decree Number 238 / SK / BA-PT / Ak-XI / M / 2013).

MPKP offers educational programs in applied economics and public policy which are determined to equip students with the latest economic theories, armed with a theoretical foundation in economics, research techniques, mastery of both quantitative and qualitative data analysis, research techniques and scientific writing, so that graduates are able making plans and recommending economic development policies in relation to social and environmental aspects

Class Reguler Morning & Evening
Study period
  1. Regular 4 Semester (Can be taken in 3 Semesters)
  2. Specialized 5 Semesters (Can be taken in 4 Semesters)
Lecturer Lectures of FEB UI

Registration requirement

Minimum S1 Education
Minimum GPA 2.75

Passed English and TPA Test held by UI

Location Master Progam in Planning and Development Policy (MPKP FEB UI)

MPKP FEB UI Building, UI Campus Salemba

Jl. Salemba Raya No.4, Senen, Jakarta Pusat 10430

Maps :

Telp  : +62 21 391 2007; 392 5313
Fax  : +62 21 392 5339
Sms: +62 821 108 151 15
Email:  atau
Web :

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