Yellow Buses (BiKun)  


In 2009, UI embarked on a program for improving its trademark yellow campus buses (bus kuning, (BiKun). The buses now have air conditioning units, just like executive inter-city buses, although they maintain their unique interior without sacrificing comfort. Instead of individual seats, each bus is fitted with a long bench on each side that stretches from the front door to the rear door. The modern, comfortable transporation fleet comprises yellow-red buses and yellow-blue buses that ply two routes.


Monday-Friday | 7 AM – 7 PM, Saturday | 7 AM – 11.59 AM

Yellow-Red Bus Routes:
Dormitory Bus Stop –Gerbatama Bus Stop – UI Station Bus Stop— Faculty of Law Bus Stop— UI Mosque Bus Stop—Pocin Bus Stop —Faculty of Nursing Bus Stop –Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Bus Stop— Polytechnic Bus Stop— Faculty of Engineering Bus Stop— FEB Bus Stop
Yellow-Blue Bus Routes:
Dormitory Bus Stop–Gerbatama Bus Stop –UI Station Bus Stop– Faculty of Psychology Bust Stop– Faculty of Social and Political Science Bus Stop – Faculty of Humanities Bus Stop – FEB Bus Stop
Extension Bus

FEB’s Extension Buses are reserved exclusively for students attending evening extension program classes. The buses run before six P.M. until after 8 P.M. However, non-extension program students are welcome to use the buses.


Monday-Friday | start 5.30 PM – 9 PM


FEB Bus Stop –UI Station Bus Stop–Wira Makara Bus Stop –UI Station Bus Stop (U-turn) – FEB Bus Stop.

Yellow Bicycles (Spekun or Sepeda Kuning)

Also in 2009, UI launched a yellow bike rental service and added bicycle lanes to its Depok campus. FEB UI, like several other faculties, also has a bike rental outlet. Students can rent the yellow bikes by showing their student ID cards.

Monday-Friday | start 7.30 AM – 5 PM

There are several bike stations at the UI Depok campus, including at:
   Pondok Cina

  •         Mosque
  •         Faculty of Humanities
  •         Central Library
  •         Faculty of Computer Sciences
  •         PA UI
  •         UI Station
  •         Faculty of Politics and Social Sciences
  •         Faculty of Economics & Business
  •         Faculty of Technic
  •        Wiramakara