Undergraduate Program in Economics

The Bachelor of Economics Study Program was established to meet the needs of the government and the private sector for economic analysts for both macroeconomic and microeconomic studies. Graduates of the Economics Study Program can work as economic analysts in companies or research institutions, bankers, government employees, advocates for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), or continue their studies to become academics.

The Regular Undergraduate Program in Economics obtained superior Accreditation with No. SKBANPTSK 12788/SK/BAN-PT/AK-ISK/XII/2021 which is valid from December 7th 2021 to October 9th 2024.


To become an excellent center of economic learning in Asia that contributes to the development of Indonesia and the global community.


  1. To provide high-quality, contextual, and consistent economics education that is in line with the development of economics in the world.
  2. To produce economics graduates who are competitive in terms of mastering basic economic theories, empirical analysis, and communication skills.
  3. To produce graduates who have social responsibility and are able to deal with changes in the global environment


8 Semesters


Bachelor of economics who is able to produce economic analyses and policies by recognizing the context of basic economic theories and empirical analyses, equipped with good communication skills and social responsibility while adapting to the changes in the global environment


Website https://economics.feb.ui.ac.id/


Department of Economics 
Faculty of Economics and Business UI
UI Depok Campus
Depok City, West Java 16424

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