Holding the Fourth Annual Work Meeting, UKK FEB UI Discusses Executive Education and Cultural Connectivity in Higher Education

Holding the Fourth Annual Work Meeting, UKK FEB UI Discusses Executive Education and Cultural Connectivity in Higher Education

Delli Asterina ~ PR FEB UI

Solo – Special Work Unit (UKK) FEB UI holds an annual work meeting at Alila Hotel 29-01 November 2019. The UKK Working Meeting, which has entered its fourth year, was attended by 6 institutions under the Faculty, namely the Institute for Economic and Community Research (LPEM) , Demographic Institute (LD), Management Institute (LM), Accounting Development Center (PPA), Sharia Economic and Business Center (PEBS), and UKM Center.

This work meeting was opened by Elok Tresnaningsih, SE, MS.Ak, as the coordinator of the special work unit of FEB UI, then continued with the presentation by Deputy Dean I, Dr. Beta Yulianita Gitaharie, S.E., M.E., regarding the achievements of the AACSB. He explained that FEB UI had entered the first submit update stage, where FEB UI had a target of achievement in November 2019, to achieve it could not be separated from the role of all units in FEB UI, one of which was the UKK unit.

Beta Yulianita Gitaharie explained, there were 15 AACSB accreditation standards, of which there were standards relating to the UKK unit, namely the 13-15 standard that discussed academic and professional engagement. Standards here see the engagement of faculty with the community, faculty with alumni, the role of alumni being an important role in the AACSB accreditation process.

Standard 14 is a standard that is closely related to the UKK, this standard discusses executive education, namely the relationship between institutions and degree programs / study programs, where institutions and study programs must have an engagement, in order to create a reciprocal relationship, where degree programs can provide concepts new, new applications and new theories, while institutions can contribute with degree programs, by providing practical examples. With this relationship, it is expected to increase learning and generate intellectual contributions.

“In executive education, it is necessary to attach a report and proof of every training conducted by an institution within the FEB UI,” Beta said.

After the presentation on AACSB, the discussion continued on funding the Indonesian Economic Outlook 2020 slowing down amid increasing global risks by guest speaker Febrio Kacaribu, Ph.D as Head of the Macemeconomic and Financial Sector Policy Study Group LPEM FEB UI.

The second day, continued with the presentation of each institution, continued with the presentation and closing session by the Dean of FEB UI, Prof. Ari Kuncoro, Ph.D., with a presentation entitled Cultural Connectivity in Higher Education.

“Institutions must play an active role must show how to make cultural connectivity through business that we have been living,” said Ari.

“To be a leader is an opportunity to exercise leadership and the key in establishing a network,” he added.

There was something different at the end of the UKK FEB UI work meeting. Ari Kuncoro became the Chancellor of the University of Indonesia 2019-2024. Six Representatives from FEB UI expressed their most beautiful impressions when they were led by Dean Ari Kuncoro. The event ended with the opening of the release prize for Ari Kuncoro and a group photo. (Des)