LD FEB UI Holds Special Webinar “Macro Talent Management” to Mark 56th Anniversary


LD FEB UI Holds Special Webinar “Macro Talent Management” to Mark 56th Anniversary


Nino Eka Putra ~ FEB UI Public Relations Officer

DEPOK – (31/8/2020)  To celebrate its 56th anniversary, the Demography Institute, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia (LD FEB UI), on Monday (31/8/2020) held a special webinar titled Macro Talent Management: Conceptual Framework and Application Perspective”.

The special webinar, held in collaboration with the Forum Kajian Pembangunan (FKP), presented Avanti Fontana, Ph.D., Adjunct Researcher at LD FEB UI, as speaker. The event was hosted by Turro S. Wongkaren, Ph.D., Head of LD FEB UI, and moderated by Jazman Ihsanuddin, LD FEB UI researcher.

According to Avanti Fontana, macro talent management (MTM) is a state-level approach in talent management that takes into consideration national and global factors in designing and implementing the functions and processes of talent management so as to be able to produce excellent talents with logical consequences of high productivity, national competitiveness and quality growth.

“There are 11 factors that influence the macro enviroment, namely government policies, non-profit organizations, global competitiveness, global mobility, circulars from experts (or distribution of experts?), national culture, educational institutions, economic system, national contextual factors, global trends (demographic, resources and geographical conditions), and development paradigm or national busines model,” said Avanti.

MTM helps plan, obtain and develop talents, supported by organizational design and knowledge management. The development of MTM in a country could be based on mobility rate of talents, untapping the diaspora, the lure of academic achievements, economic development, productivity, talent ranking , competitiveness, quality of growth, and the ecosystem.

A Global Talent Competitiveness Index survey showed that in 2020, in terms of competitiveness Indonesia’s talents rank at number 65 out of 132 countries surveyed with a score of 41.81. “This means that going forward, we must improve our MTM ranking through 3 grand designs, namely the adoption of result-based approach, the adoption of the desain of the control function, and ensuring an orchestration of institutional factors that apply MTM systematically,” Avanti said to end her presentation. (hjtp)