MM FEB UI General Lecture, “Personal Skills, Learning from a Leader”


MM FEB UI General¬† Lecture, “Personal Skills, Learning from a Leader”

Nino Eka Putra ~ PR of FEB UI

DEPOK – (25/8/2020) The Master (Magister) of Management Program FEB UI held a General Lecture ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†webinar with the theme grow your career, entitled “Personal Skills: Learn from a Leader.” The event presented several resource persons, namely Andry Asmoro, M.A., Chief Economist of PT Bank Mandiri (Persero), Tbk, and Melia Retno Astrini, M.Sc., Lecturer at the Department of Management, FEB UI as the moderator on Tuesday (25/8/2020).

Andry Asmoro stated that currently, the fastest growing jobs are related to information technology and data management, especially at a more basic stage such as front end development (website development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes to produce a website with interesting interfaces), and data analysis.

On the contrary, jobs that  are declining are related to distributors or intermediaries. This is related to the growing development of e-commerce, thereby reducing the role of intermediaries in trade.

“Basically, the 10 skills needed in your profile matching ¬†the needs of today’s employment world, are being able to communicate or coordinate with others, being able to solve complex problems, thinking critically, having analytical skills, leadership, project management, cognitive flexibility, service orientation, presentations, and marketing,” Andry stated.

Andry continued that , in the digital era, the challenge of forecasting closely is reserved for banks, research centers, securities companies, economists, companies / associations, and government agencies. Hence, macro and microeconomic analytical skills, rapid forecasts for trade, policy briefs for regulators, and risk mitigation abilities are a requirement.

In addition, challenges also emerge  in database transformation, modeling (trial and error to find the best model, model adjustment and maintenance, time management), analysis ( including  the complexity of the relationship between macroeconomic variables, the uncertainty of global economic factors, the correlation between economic theory and econometrics, expert judgment), technical (availability of statistical software) and HR.

At the end of his presentation, Andry concluded that “Therefore, today is the era for you to update the appropriate and profitable leading indicators, the ability to combine macro and micro analysis, improve basic skills in statistics and survey skills, learn more about non-economics and other variables, work with passion, and never stop learning” . (hjtp)