MM FEB UI Wins PTN Special Category Award in the 2020 Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award


MM FEB UI Wins PTN Special Category Award in the 2020 Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award

DEPOK – (27/10/2020) The New Normal Era has solidified people’s habits and consumer behavior into the digital realm. The deep and massive bond between the community and digital technology must be utilized by companies to increase engagement with consumers.

For brand owners, the new normal condition must be captured as an opportunity. Brand players are required to be more creative and innovative in utilizing digital technology to identify trends, business developments, consumer needs and demands. Thus, digitally increasing brand popularity as the key to winning the ever-fiercer competition.

To accommodate this development, INFO BRAND media collaborated with TRAS N CO Indonesia as a credible entity in brand research in the country and IMFocus Digimarketing Consultant as a Certified Google Partner, once more presented the Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award 2020, a prestigious award for brands operating in Indonesia, especially those which have succeeded in building popularity and increasing brand activity through digital media or the internet.

By adhering to the health protocols recommended by the government of the Republic of Indonesia in breaking the chain COVID-19 transmission, the award, which carries the theme ā€œBranding in the New Normalā€, was held via video conference with the concept of an e-awarding ceremony.

Tri Raharjo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TRAS N CO Indonesia and the initiator of the Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award 2020 said that thisĀ  appreciation is given to certain brands in Indonesia that have successfully built to be at the top of digital awareness, top of digital search, top of digital traffic and increasing brand engagement through digital media or the internet, thus becoming more superior and popular compared to other brands.

According to Tri Rahajo, the winners of the Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award 2020 are brands that have adapted well to the current era of disruptive technology. Brand players are not only more creative in thinking and acting, but also consistent in their efforts to sustainably maintain digital brands in building and growing their brands.

“In other words, every brand needs to keep moving fast and be agile following the changes of the business environment in welcoming the era of this fourth generation of industrial revolution. The progress of a brand is very much determined by how we are able to be adaptive to the times, then present the brand to potential customers in an easy and simple way,” Tri Raharjo explained.

To determine the recipients of the Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award 2020, a 2020 Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Index Survey was conducted in June – August 2020 for 235 product categories and more than 1,500 brands surveyed in Indonesia through three assessment parameters, namely Search Engine Based, Social Media Based and Website Based.

From the results of a survey conducted by TRAS N CO Indonesia in collaboration with IMFocus, data from the 235 surveyed categories found the top 10 categories in the result of most search engine page reviews and the most average searches.

As for the 10 categories with search engine page reviews, the Vitamin C category dominates with a percentage reaching 46.70%; followed by the category of Bicycle 16.95%; Blender 11.00%; LED Light 6.31%; Cooling Fan 4.96%; Vitamin E 3.94%; Honey 3.80%; Mixer 2.69%; Folding Bike 2.29%; and Gas Station 1.36%.

While the 10 categories with the most average searches based on the survey, the bicycle category dominated the search with a percentage of 30.15%; followed by Vitamin C 26.68%; Vitamin E 12.89%; Blender 9.91%; Mixer 6.44%; Cooling Fan 4.56%; Honey 4.05%; Gas Station 2.26%; LED Light 1, 74%; and Folding Bikes 1.33%.

Special Category is given to State Universities for the Master of Management category, namely: Universitas Indonesia (Faculty of Economics and Business), Airlangga University, Andalas University, Brawijaya University, Diponegoro University, Bandung Institute of Technology, and Padjadjaran University.

“Finally, we congratulate all the winners of the Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award 2020. Hopefully, this appreciation can increase the spirit of competition for digital brand players in the country,” Tri concluded. (hjtp)

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