PPIM FEB UI Holds a Visiting Professorship Guest Lecture, “Sustainability Strategy and Innovation”


PPIM FEB UI Holds a Visiting Professorship Guest Lecture, “Sustainability Strategy and Innovation”


DEPOK (11/14/2020) The FEB UI Postgraduate Program in Management Science (PPIM) held a guest lecture in a series of Visiting Professorship events. This time, the lecture was hosted by Dr. Belinda Wade from the University of Queensland, with the topic “Sustainability Strategy and Innovation” on Saturday (14/11/2020).

Belinda Wade is an academic in the field of Sustainability and Strategy, currently leading a team tasked with developing educational programs for professionals related to climate change risks, and is a committee member for Future Earth Australia, as well as Sustainability Research and Innovation 2021. In research, Wade focused on adapting organizations to environmental problems and transitioning to the challenges of climate change. Not only academic research, Wade also writes reports on the future energy development industry in Australia, and publishes periodic online articles in Entrepreneur Magazine on the topic of sustainability.

At the start of the lecture session, Wade explained the importance of sustainability, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), major trends facing the world in the future, the relationship between sustainability and business, how sustainability encourages innovation and new opportunities, such as the circular economy and sharing economy, as well as the role of an individual to support sustainability.

Later, students were given the opportunity to discuss the subjects in the question and answer session. The questions raised include strategies and prospects for the renewable energy industry, strategies to increase public and SME awareness of SDGs, issues of sustainability in societies with different cultures, and management of plastic waste in Indonesia. The guest lecture lasted for 2 hours, led by a lecturer from the Department of Management, FEB UI, Imam Salehudin, S.E., M.Sc.

The guest lecture was also attended by the Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Strategy, Dr. Rifelly Dewi Astuti, who accompanied Wade during the guest lecture and delivered the closing lecture. (hjtp)

Authors: Caroline and Elvina Sorta Setyawati