UI Initiates UI and Diaspora Research Meeting to Increase Research Collaboration


UI Initiates UI and Diaspora Research Meeting to Increase Research Collaboration

DEPOK (14/10/2020) Universitas Indonesia (UI) through its¬† Directorate of Research and Development (Risbang UI) held an online seminar entitled “Strengthening International Multidisciplinary Research Collaboration Towards World Class Research and Innovation”, with key speakers from the Minister of Research and Technology / Head of Agency RI National Research and Innovation Prof. Bambang Brodjonegoro, Ph.D.

Held on Wednesday (14/10), the seminar  aims to expand the network of UI researchers abroad, as well as to become a forum for bringing together research ideas between UI researchers and the Indonesian diaspora. This seminar was also attended by Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Abdul Haris (Vice Rector for Research and Innovation UI), Dr. Muhammad Aziz (Chair of the International Association of Indonesian Scientists / I-4) and witnessed by more than 300 participants who came from national university researchers, Indonesian researchers abroad and UI researchers themselves.

In his keynote speech, Prof. Bambang Brodjonegoro said that the diaspora is the engine of innovation, so researchers in Indonesia need to collaborate with all diasporas who are active abroad to expand the international research collaboration network. It is hoped that mutual collaboration can be built which leads to an increase in academic and scientific quality and quantity. It is also hoped that reliable innovation results can be created from the collaboration between domestic and diaspora researchers.

UI Vice Chancellor Prof. Abdul Haris also said that research quality improvement must be built through international research collaborations. UI research data shows that research and innovation products from international collaborations have a very significant impact on UI’s performance in the research and innovation fields. This achievement in itself can have a positive impact on the rankings of world class universities.

To provide opportunity  for intensive discussions, apart from holding plenary sessions, this online seminar was also divided into 3 parallel sessions. The three sessions were divided into health science groups, science and technology groups, and social humanities groups, presenting six speakers from various countries. In the Health science cluster, present as a speaker, namely Dr. Beben Benyamin (University of South Australia), and Prof. dr. Amin Soebandrio, Ph.D. SpMK (K) (Faculty of Medicine UI). This session was moderated by Dr. Andriansjah (Risbang UI).

Next, at the scientific group session, attended by speakers, namely, Dr. Fatwa F. Abdi (Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin, Germany), and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Nasruddin, M.Eng (Faculty of Engineering UI), with the moderator Dr. Munawar Khalil (Risbang UI). As for the social and humanities groups, the speakers who attended were Dr. Etin Anwar (Hobart and William Smith College, NY, United States), and Dr. Inaya Rakhmani (Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UI), moderated by Dr. Saraswati Putri (Directorate of Community Service and Empowerment of UI).

Collaboration between researchers at the national and global levels was also discussed and presented by the third keynote speaker at this webinar, namely Dr. Muhammad Aziz who is the Chairman of the International Indonesian Scientists Association (I-4). He explained the entire cooperation agenda that has been and will be carried out with all diaspora in Indonesia. Dr. Muhammad Aziz also discussed the protection and inclusion of regional intellectual property rights, the creation of financial instruments for innovation, and the harmonization of research regulations as some of the benefits of the diaspora. The vision and mission possessed by I-4 are expected to work together with the potential at UI and all fellow researchers in Indonesia.

In his closing remarks, the Director of Research and Development UI, Dr. Dede Djuhana said, “It is hoped that through this ‚Äč‚ÄčRisbang UI seminar , intensive discussions will be fostered¬†¬† to find solutions to the obstacles that occur in research collaboration activities, thus encouraging the Indonesian diaspora to research and partner with researchers in Indonesia to produce better inventions and innovations. beneficial for Indonesia and the world. ” (hjtp)

Dra. Amelita Lusia, M.Si. CPR

Head of Public Relations Bureau and KIP UI

Media Contact: Egia Etha Tarigan, S.Sos, MM (UI media relations), humas-ui@ui.ac.id; 08151500-0002)