Sri Mulyani Explains the Importance of Tax Awareness of the Young Generation


Sri Mulyani Explains the Importance of Tax Awareness of the Young Generation

JAKARTA, DDTCNews – (25/8/2021) Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati invites all young people to understand the importance of taxes as a form of contribution to the state.

Sri Mulyani said the state uses taxes as the main instrument to fund various expenditures. For this reason, spending for state administration or development will only be achieved if tax revenues can be mobilized properly.

“Taxes are an important backbone of a country. There is no independent country anywhere in the world that does not collect tax revenues. A strong country, is a country which is able to collect taxes properly,” she said at the 2021 Speech Tax event, Wednesday (25/8/2021).

The finance minister said that taxation has the same concept as mutual cooperation because it requires contributions from all citizens. In the end, the taxes paid by citizens will also be used for public purposes.

Taxes are not only spent on things that bviously visible, such as infrastructure development. Taxes will also fund various aspects such as educational support, both in state schools and madrasas.

Taxes are also used to provide protection and incentives for health workers, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. On the other hand, taxes are also important to build a democratic state system, such as through the holding of general elections and local elections.

Another form of tax benefit that is felt by the gnerel public is various social protection programs. During the pandemic, the government has added various social protection programs for the poor and vulnerable.

The assistance provided includes the Family Hope Program (PKH), cash assistance, basic food cards, village fund BLT, pre-employment cards, electricity subsidies, and internet quota assistance for students and teachers totaling to more than Rp 186 trillion.

With these numerous tax benefits, Sri Mulyani asks young people to be aware of paying taxes when they get income.

“Whatever your choice of profession, you have been equipped with an awareness of the importance of setting aside some of your revenue for the state in the form of taxes.” she said.

Sri Mulyani added that paying taxes should be interpreted as a form of love for the nation and an effort to support the achievement of the ideals of becoming a developed country. Every citizen has a role and responsibility in realizing a just and prosperous Indonesia. (rig)