UI Research Says Education Is Proven to Increase Tax Awareness


UI Research Says Education Is Proven to Increase Tax Awareness

JAKARTA, DDTCNews – (25/8/2021) Tax education and dissemination has a direct role in increasing public tax awareness. This was revealed through research conducted by the Tax Education and Research Center (TERC) FEB UI regarding the impact of the Speech Tax (Pajak Bertutur) program on increasing students’ tax awareness.

The research conducted by Yulianti Abbas, Christine Tjen, and Panggah Tri Wicaksono is divided into two studies. First, measuring the impact of the Speech Tax program organized by the Directorate General of Taxes on increasing tax awareness. Second, explore the analysis of teachers’ perceptions of the Speech Tax program.

“The research began last year during the Speech Tax 2020 program by conducting a survey of students who took the Speech Tax,” said one of the researchers, Christine Tjen at the 2021 Speech Tax event on Wednesday (25/8/2021).

She explained that the results of the TERC FEB UI research showed an increase in tax awareness of participants who took part in the Speech Tax program. The level of awareness is even higher if participants are familiar with the concept of taxation, such as having accessed the DGT website or having participated in tax education and socialization programs.

In addition, participants at the high school level had a higher level of awareness than students at the junior high school level. This is an early indication that the tax education program is a long-term business process and needs to be built and developed on an ongoing basis.

“So the hypothesis is that participants who already have an understanding will find it easier to understand taxation material. So there is a higher level of awareness if you have studied or know about taxes.” she explained.

Expert Staff of the Minister of Finance for Tax Supervision Nufransa Wira Sakti welcomed the results of TERC FEB UI’s research on the impact of the Speech Tax program. According to him, the results of the study are very much needed by the DGT because practically during the 5 years of administering the Speech Tax, there has been no research-based evaluation instrument.

Also according to him, the challenge of the Speech Tax program is to ensure long-term business processes are not just increasing tax awareness. The results of this program, said Nufransa, can only be seen from an increase in taxpayer compliance and an increase in tax payments in the future.

“If possible, in the next 3-5 years, another survey will be conducted for the same people on whether this awareness has an impact on compliance, such as an increase in NPWP or an increase in tax payments. So there is a direct correlation between outreach and education activities and the level of taxpayer compliance,” he added. (sap)

Source: https://news.ddtc.co.id/riset-ui-sebutkan-edukasi-teruntung-ingkatkan-kesadaran-pajak-32281