New Student Orientation MAKSI-PPAk. Odd Semester Academic Year 2022/2023

New Student Orientation MAKSI-PPAk. Odd Semester Academic Year 2022/2023


Rifdah Khalisha – Public Relations FEB UI

DEPOK-(11/8/2022) Master of Accounting – Professional Accountant Education, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (MAKSI-PPAk FEB UI) held a “New Student Orientation MAKSI-PPAk. Gasal Semester Academic Year 2022/2023” in the Sinarmas Auditorium, Prof. Dr. M. Sadli Building, FEB UI Salemba Campus, on Thursday (11/8).

Chairperson of the Department of Accounting FEB UI Yulianti Abbas congratulated all new students who passed the University of Indonesia selection and MAKSI PPAK. FEB UI. It is an honor to be able to join MAKSI-PPAk. because this study program has long succeeded in producing graduates who take part in industry and government.

He invited students to actively participate in classes or various student activities at FEB UI, both at the Salemba and Depok Campuses. “Orientation is the beginning of your time in the MAKSI-PPAk program. I am sure everyone is excited to be back in college, especially since lectures will take place face-to-face this semester.”

“You may feel that you are still far away. However, each semester will go very fast. Before you know it, you will see me again at the end of the semester. So, make the most of the short time at MAKSI-PPAk. FEB UI. Not only studying or gaining skills but building a strong network with friends around you,” Yulianti reminded.

Then, there was a presentation of information about MAKSI-PPAk.-including curriculum, academics, administration, finance, facilities, information systems, library service systems, e-matriculation, CA exam tryouts, and CA reviews-by Nureni Wijayati, Ph.D. CA (Head of the MAKSI-PPAk Study Program. ), Dr. Aria Farah Mita, M.S.M. (Secretary of MAKSI-PPAk. Study Program), Muhammad Hafiizh, ME (Manager of Information, Communication, and Technology Center FEB UI), Imam Syaiful Rochman, S.E. (Head of Academic Section MAKSI-PPAk.), Tatik Ridowati, S.IPI. (MAKSI-PPAk Librarian), and Chess Sasongko, MBA, (Lecturer of Accounting Dept. FEB UI).

For more information about MAKSI-PPAk program, please visit the website or email

Sharing Session with MAKSI Alumni FEB UI

Entering the sharing session, MAKSI Alumni Class of 2001 Mohammad Hanief Arie Setianto said, “MAKSI-PPAk. is increasingly developing and relevant. Of course, relevance is significant, especially for students as future leaders.”

He talked about “Future Mobility: Transforming Public Transport in Jakarta,” considering that technological advances and pandemic conditions are rapidly changing the order of life, including the transportation sector, “Jakarta and its surroundings, namely Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi, are in an administrative area so that mobility is fairly high. However, most people prefer to use private transportation.”

“The solution is that there needs to be technology that changes mobility. Therefore, the Jakarta City Government presents Jaklingko to integrate transportation services while improving the lifestyle of its people,” Hanief explained.

Jaklingko, with a chip-based card began implementing the Central Clearing House System (CCHS), connecting each transportation operator in an integrated ticket payment management platform; Mobility as a Services (MaaS), providing an experience of convenience and excitement, the mode of transportation is broad, including online motorcycle taxis, online taxis, tourism, culinary, and daily needs; to Account Based Ticketing (ABT), making it easy to order subscription tickets, besides reading the profile of a passenger so that special rates apply, for example, rates for students, the elderly, and others will be different.

After implementing new affordable tariffs, the hope is that it will undoubtedly increase the mode share of public transportation. Then, people will start using public transportation, indirectly reducing congestion and air pollution.