Santripreneur EduCamp FEB UI Breakthrough Encourages Santri Entrepreneurship


Santripreneur EduCamp FEB UI Breakthrough Encourages Santri Entrepreneurship

DEPOK (08/16/2022) – Until now, our country is still facing the problem of high unemployment. In 2021 alone, it was recorded that there were 13.17% of the 9.7 million unemployed, and what is concerning is that most of them are educated unemployed. This number is expected to increase if the private sector’s labor absorption capacity (demand side) does not increase. This concern is very reasonable when we look at how the number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia is still the lowest in Southeast Asia, which is 3.47 percent of the total population of Indonesia.

Therefore, it is necessary to continue to support efforts to grow entrepreneurship, especially among students. Santri is a considerable number of educated human resources. The Ministry of Religious Affairs noted that in 2016 the number of Santri was 4,290,626. This number is spread over 28,194 pesantren in the country. Therefore, efforts to continue to improve the quality of human resources of students and community education institutions such as Islamic boarding schools are global goals as part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (FEB UI) is committed to supporting the achievement of this goal. Through the 2022 FEB UI community service program (#pengmasgerakansosialfebui), one of the FEB UI lecturer teams led by Dr. Rambat Lupiyoadi initiated a social movement program packaged “SANTRIPRENEUR EDUCAMP”.

This breakthrough entrepreneurship learning model for students has the concept of camp, training, and mentoring the growth of student entrepreneurship through the medium of trigona honey bee cultivation. Camp activities in collaboration with Pondok Dar El Furqon (DEF), Depok City, have been held for two days from August 6-7 at the DEF Campus, Pancawati Village, Cikreteg District, Bogor Regency. After the camp and training, the activities continued with mentoring until August.

The camp concept combines indoor and outdoor educational activities (outings). Indoor activities in the classroom are in the form of learning theories/topics about understanding Entrepreneurship and Islamic Business, Steps to Become a Young Entrepreneur, Beekeeping Business Opportunities and Beekeeping Technology, as well as the Motivation and Character of an Entrepreneur.

Outdoor sessions are in the form of cultivation practices, including preparing bee food source vegetation, preparation of bee colonies, colony care, predator prevention, and honey harvesting techniques to product packaging and marketing. This activity also presented FTUI beekeeping expert facilitators, Dr. Muh. Sahlan, Akso Diana, Spt (Honey Entrepreneur), and Dr. Refdeka Adrianto (DEF Leader).

During the activity, participants stayed in tents in a beautiful and calm cottage field and were given outing activities (gymnastics, games) and trekking to love nature around Pancawati village. A total of 30 participants from various boarding schools such as DEF, An Nur, Nurani, Darunnasihin, Daarul Ulum, Riyadul Mutaalimin, Al Ustmani, Ibnu Hajar and Madinah Alhijrah boarding schools.


Dr. Rambat Lupiyoadi, S.E., M.E.