Center of Accounting Development

Center of Accounting Development

FEB UI Center of Accounting and Development, Universitas Indonesia (PPA FEB UI) was founded by the Director General of Higher Education and its management was handed over to the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (FEB UI) in 1988 with Decree No. 53 / DIKTI / Kep / 1988. The purpose of establishing PPA FEB UI at the beginning of its establishment was to improve the accounting education in Indonesia. As time goes by, PPA FEB UI also provides training and consulting services in accounting, finance and other related fields. In July 2009, a merger was carried out between PPA FEB UI and the Accounting Laboratory of the FEB UI Department of Accounting to strengthen its competence in the field of providing training and provided consulting services.

PPA FEB UI consists of three divisions, namely the regular training division, the in-house training division, workshops and seminars, as well as the consultation and study division. The regular training division is responsible for providing regular training. The types of regular training held by PPA FEB UI can be categorized into two, namely certification and non-certification training. Certification training is held every Saturday at PPA FEB UI Salemba, while non-certification training is held every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, at PPA FEB UI Salemba and FEB UI Depok. To respond to demands for a professional and reliable workforce, PPA FEB UI continues to develop new trainings. In recent years, PPA FEB UI has opened several new trainings, such as Advanced Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, and Management Accounting. In 2016, PPA FEB UI opened Microsoft Office and TPA Review training. One of the advantages of the PPA FEB UI training is that it is supported by a teaching team who are not only brilliant in their knowledge but also have proven experience in their fields. In addition, PPA FEB UI also has the principle of providing excellent service to all training participants, so that PPA FEB UI continues to make service breakthroughs that make it easier for participants to take part in training.

The second division, namely the in-house training, workshops, & seminars division is also responsible for managing training, but the type of training is not regular. This division is responsible for conducting In-House Training (IHT) for clients. The regular training held by PPA FEB UI can be held in the form of IHT. PPA FEB UI can also organize IHT according to client requests, for example, Islamic accounting IHT and PSAK series. In addition to holding regular training and IHT, PPA FEB UI also organizes workshops and seminars. This was done by PPA FEB UI to respond to the emergence of new regulations or current issues regarding accounting and other related fields. PPA FEB UI wishes to continue to facilitate the wider community in obtaining the latest knowledge in accounting and other related fields.

The last division is the consulting and review division, which is responsible for providing consulting and review services according to client needs. The consulting services provided by PPA FEB UI are increasingly widespread, not only in the fields of accounting and finance but also in the fields of management accounting, accounting information systems, financial management, taxation, risk management, governance, and social responsibility. Starting this year, the consulting and review division is also responsible for conducting and producing application research that is not based on the demands of clients.


Address : PPA FEB UI Salemba, Salemba Raya Street No. 4

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To become the top 10 academic consulting, training and study institutions in Indonesia.


  • To organize international, high-quality and professional training in accounting, finance, taxation, risk management, governance and other related fields.
  • To provide consulting services in the fields of accounting, finance, taxation, risk management, governance and other related fields, in a professional manner and providing added value to service users.
  • To carry out activities that support and increase the knowledge and expertise of the FEB UI Accounting Department teaching staff in particular and FEB UI teaching staff in general, in accordance with their respective fields of specialization.