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FEB UI Management Institute

A company’s sustainability is largely determined by the company’s ability to create and develop quality future leaders. The work of creating and developing concrete future leaders for the company is about how a company manages the process of changing its key players through strategic planning and implementing a mature career system.

One of the characteristics of a mature career system planning and execution strategy is the implementation of a career development process through a systematic training and tiered competency development program. In this case, the company needs to have a training program starting from the staff, line managers, managers, senior managers, until the director level. The training activities carried out by the FEB UI Management Institute include tiered training and regular training. The tiered training is aimed for the company’s needs in the context of employee promotion activities. Meanwhile, regular training is designed to meet the needs of the business world on contemporary management issues. Training held by the FEB UI Management Institute is supported by the teaching staff from the FEB UI Management Institute consisting of academics and business practitioners. To provide international experience, several programs are designed by conducting benchmarking visits, domestically and abroad.


To become a leading center of economic and business learning in Indonesia that plays a role in national development and is recognized internationally.


  • To contribute to the development of knowledge in the field of economics and business.
  • To prepare leaders who have social responsibility and are able to face global challenges.


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