Master of Management FEB UI, as a pioneer of the Master of Management Program in Indonesia, provides quality master’s education and becomes a benchmark for the development of MM programs from various other educational institutions in Indonesia.


Along with its age, the MM FEB UI Study Program offers 6 (six) concentrations from the regular program, namely: Financial Management, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Sharia Financial Management and General Management. In addition, the MM FEB UI Study Program offers 4 (four) concentrations from special programs, namely: MM Actuarial, MM Capital Market, MM Risk Management and MM Shariah. The development of the number of concentrations is one of MM FEB UI’s efforts to meet the community’s need for reliable human resources in various concentrations in the field of business management.

Every two years, MM FEB UI evaluates the curriculum by involving the Department of Management, Faculty of Economics, Academic Quality Assurance Unit, University of Indonesia, and external parties, such as experts in related fields. MM FEB UI also receives input from alumni and alumni users as input for improving the quality of the MM FEB UI curriculum.

National Accreditation
Last Accreditation Rank (Value):  A
BAN-PT Decree Number:  2520/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/M/VII/2019

International Accreditation
Name of Accreditation Agency: ABEST 21, AMBA
Predicate:  Excellence


Build leaders that are ethical, socially responsible, global-minded, and contribute to the advancement of management and business practices.


Providing management and business education for future leaders who are industry-related and globally connected.


FEB UI’s Master of Management (MM) Study Program was established based on a Government assignment. In the mid-1900s, various private educational institutions in Indonesia began to offer management education with MBA (Master of Business Administration) degrees, but they were not recognized and recognized in the national education system. Therefore, the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia assigned Universitas Indonesia and Universitas Gajah Mada, as universities with a strong Faculty of Economics, to pioneer the establishment of MM programs in Indonesia.

In addition, the establishment of the Master of Management program was an experimental project for efforts to mobilize public funds in the development of higher education so that its establishment did not use the State Budget (APBN) at all.

On October 7, 1988, MM UI was officially opened with the first lecture for the first batch of students, offering 2 (two) concentrations, namely International Management and Management Accounting. The main goal is to produce quality professional manager candidates. Because of this, MM education is also called a master of professional management studies. The hope is that the 2 (two) university programs will become a role model (benchmark) for the development of MM programs in other educational institutions.


Our unique and updated competency-based curriculum offers flexibility and focuses in five different areas:
Human Resources
General management

MM FEB UI also offers particular concentrations in finance:


Risk management
Capital market
Sharia Finance

MM FEB UI also offers a Joint-Degree Program (MM-MBA), a collaboration between MM FEB UI and Partner Universities:

International Business Management (MM – MBA) collaboration with Maastricht School of Management, the Netherlands.



Regular Class / Morning Class

3 Semester

Monday, Thursday

09.00 – 11.30/13.00 – 15.30


Special Class/ Evening Class

4 Semester

Monday, Thursday



Number of credits during lectures: 40 credits

 The lecture took place at the MM FEB UI Campus, Salemba, Jakarta.


To produce professional managers with basic knowledge in all functional management areas and managers with a special focus on a particular field.

Able to formulate innovative business strategies by analyzing problems in managerial decision-making and implementing the latest management concepts in an ethical manner that is environmentally and socially sound.



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