ILUNI FEB UI Breakfast Forum: Millennials and Digitalization of MSMEs


ILUNI FEB UI Breakfast Forum: Millennials and Digitalization of MSMEs

Hana Fajria – Public Relations of FEB UI

Depok – (2/10/2020) ILUNI FEB UI held a virtual Breakfast Forum, with key speakers Destry Damayanti, General Chairperson of ILUNI FEBUI and DGS Bank Indonesia. Other speakers were Masyita Crystallin Ph.D, Special Staff to the Minister of Finance, Teguh Yudo Wicaksono, Head of Mandiri Institute, Abraham Viktor, Founder & CEO of “Hangry!”, and I Ketut Adi Putra, New Retail Business Tokopedia, with Moderator Teuku Riefky, LPEM UI Economist.

Destry Damayanti appreciated this event and provided an introduction to MSMEs with opportunities for the future new normal, and welcomed MSMEs to industry 4.0 as well as millennials to become entrepreneurs.

The first speaker Teguh Yudo Wicaksono, Head of the Mandiri Institute, also a supporter of the Breakfast Forum, said that the digital and e-commerce landscape in Indonesia is relatively broad and shows an increasing trend. Internet adoption among millennials is very high, but the use of digital technology for business expansion has not been optimal. The majority of MSMEs (66%) still operate on a limited basis due to capital constraints, and concerns about future business prospects are the reason why there is a lack of interest in applying for new loans to financial institutions. UMKM owners felt that they were helped by the PEN program and based on the survey results, businesses that received / registered PEN were more severely affected.

The second speaker, Masyita Crystallin, Special Staff to the Minister of Finance, presented her views on support for the business world and discussed from the micro side. There are several sectors that can be seen as winners, even though in the midst of the pandemic there are several sectors that have the potential and continue to grow above average economic growth. There is a post-pandemic risk, namely the k-shaped traject recovery, which refers to a condition where there is a risk of recovery divide between the middle upper and middle lower population; where middle lower society has the digitalization potential to take advantage of its potential during the pandemic period.

The third speaker, I Ketut Adi Putra, New Retail Business Tokopedia, explained that Tokopedia is not only an e-commerce, but Tokopedia, which has plans for the future, apart from expanding and contributing more massively to the Indonesian economy, also has plans to empower MSMEs and its partners. Tokopedia aims to build bridges, not walls, with Partners. Tokopedia helps digitalization at the most traditional levels such as retail stalls and companies that can provide access to capital. With digital support, MSMEs can understand their financial capabilities.

Abraham Viktor, Founder & CEO of “Hangry!” as the last speaker, introduced his company which has been rapidly expanding after its establishment less than a year ago. Hangry!’s business model is a virtual restaurant, with no dine-     in facility. It focuses on selling online food and beverages through delivery and take away. Abraham hopes that Hangry! can be present in other countries too.

Interesting discussions and a Q&A session lasted for 2.30 hours, attended by 140 enthusiastic FEB UI alumni from start to finish. (hjtp)